When the cold weather comes you can often always find me in a cosy knit jumper either drinking Eggnogg lattes form Starbucks or running backwards & forwards in the cold winds from photoshoots. Nothing makes me warmer or happier than a warm jumper in winter.
Last night I was just doing some online christmas present shopping & couldnt help but share these fab jumpers from Topshop & River Island!

 I have never actually worn a christmassy jumper & I don't find them cheesy or embarrassing  in the slightest. I think this year I will break the mold & buy one of the festive pretties from Topshop.

Now I need to start looking out for a New years eve outfit :)

I found my little kitty, Arnold, sleeping on my bed. He looked so sweet & peaceful I thought I'd share a few photo's.

I love him to pieces. Mucky paws & all.

Interior Design

I need a room revamp & have been searching blogs, tumblr & we heart it for inspiration & these Rooms below are something along the lines that I want.

I need a space to put all my trinkets & things to me this is a must.

As for colour I have been thinking bright white walls & dark brown hardwood floors & then everything else will be the colours.

I need a comfy space, I don't spend a lot of time in my room but when I do it reminds me why its a comfort zone.

I love books stacked in various places, I prefer it to shelves. I am a messy & very unorganized person.. I guess this shows it haha.

I love the little wooden desk in the corner, I'm going to have to invest in one of these!

&  I love this idea! Totally going to paint blackboard paint & get my friends to doodle all over it. No one will  ever know how excited I am to do this :')

I used to think that white was such a boring colour & a few years previous I wouldn't even consider it but I now I cant wait to get started.

I love this window sill, just wish I had this view :(

My house is full of moodboards & my room is no exception.

I probably wont start decorating til next year now but I just wanted to get some ideas ready. 

Also these shoes & necklace were on sale in Topshop! Obviously couldn't let them slip ;)

& have just finished my nails! Excuse the rubbish pictures, too lazy to use the camera! I bought Macs Jade Dragon & topped it with glitter. I thought I'd add some sparkle to my outfit tonight, my friends & I go are going out to watch the City lights come on in Cardiff. I have had such a busy week in college I cant wait to stand & relax in the cold with a hot starbucks then to treat ourselves to Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant. 

Satin&Souffles xx 


I have all of a sudden taken a fancy to this royal blue colour. It makes me happy on these gray days & this dress would be fantasic for the upcoming festive holidays!

This jumper would keep me sooo warm! I am obsessed with jumpers when this wintry season comes around & this one is perfect.

I love this dainty skirt. I would plan wearing some thick, warm tights & my boots for sure.
& this simple blouse & shorts look so pretty together. On the warmer days these would be great haha.

I love UO jewelry! They have some stunning stuff! I am in love with these two pieces at the moment. Anything with stones or gems & patterns & I want it!

I love Urban Outfitters so much. Their clothes never fail to make me yearn for them as soon as I leave the premises. The fabrics, styles & patterns don't leave my head for days. Putting all of the above on my wish list for santa ;)
Some quick photo's of Cardiff.

In Urban Outfitters there was an exhibition on the clothing for a circus in the 80s.

I love Cardiff with a passion. Might be moving there soon. Fingers crossed. I assure that if I do I will be living in Urban Outfitters & All Saints.