Interior Design

I need a room revamp & have been searching blogs, tumblr & we heart it for inspiration & these Rooms below are something along the lines that I want.

I need a space to put all my trinkets & things to me this is a must.

As for colour I have been thinking bright white walls & dark brown hardwood floors & then everything else will be the colours.

I need a comfy space, I don't spend a lot of time in my room but when I do it reminds me why its a comfort zone.

I love books stacked in various places, I prefer it to shelves. I am a messy & very unorganized person.. I guess this shows it haha.

I love the little wooden desk in the corner, I'm going to have to invest in one of these!

&  I love this idea! Totally going to paint blackboard paint & get my friends to doodle all over it. No one will  ever know how excited I am to do this :')

I used to think that white was such a boring colour & a few years previous I wouldn't even consider it but I now I cant wait to get started.

I love this window sill, just wish I had this view :(

My house is full of moodboards & my room is no exception.

I probably wont start decorating til next year now but I just wanted to get some ideas ready. 

Also these shoes & necklace were on sale in Topshop! Obviously couldn't let them slip ;)

& have just finished my nails! Excuse the rubbish pictures, too lazy to use the camera! I bought Macs Jade Dragon & topped it with glitter. I thought I'd add some sparkle to my outfit tonight, my friends & I go are going out to watch the City lights come on in Cardiff. I have had such a busy week in college I cant wait to stand & relax in the cold with a hot starbucks then to treat ourselves to Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant. 

Satin&Souffles xx 


  1. You should definitely get the blackboard paint! My friend has it, and it's so fun (:

  2. Ah, how exciting! i love all of these idea. I want to paint one side of my wall as a blackboard too. that'd be so rad! thanks for the ideas.


  3. Love the blackboard idea i was going to do this to my bedroom x

  4. excellent inspiration! i would love to live in any of these interiors.

  5. I adore interior design, these photos are just divine <3

  6. gorgeous interior inspiration, I love white walls/floors because it means you can change and adapt the whole room more often with furniture etc and it's just so clean and fresh and feminine...can't wait to decorate my own places when I don't have to worry about getting my deposit back! will definitely be having a blackboard wall...incredible!

  7. I'm redoing my bedroom too :) Lovely inspiration x

  8. I love all those airy and bright rooms- so inspiring!

  9. All these rooms look so dreamy, I'd love to have a house that looked like them one day! I really want to decorate my flat, but because it's rented I'm not allowed too, boo! :(

  10. ah if only I could own my own house to be able to decorate! I hate renting!


  11. Nice photos, I love interior inspiration posts. Funnily enough that's my windowsill haha -

  12. That bedroom ad bathroom all in one looks lovely!


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