My friends & I take part in Secret Santa every year & I love it! My friends are brilliant to buy for. There are a mixture of very silly immature ones & very serious ones & I would say I am a a bit of both. On the first of December we always take names out of a hat & the rules are no telling or swapping & no price range. We don't have a price range because we are all very close (have been for 17 years now) & we enjoy giving the present's & seeing each other smile. We are a group of 11 girls (including myself) & 6 boys so for ideas I headed to Firebox & Urban Outfitters online for some great pressie ideas.

1. Mustache Drink Flask - My friends & I like our drink, they would find this hilarious.

2. Mini walkie talkies - Just to show our childish side, we would actually use these. I'm serious.

3. F*ck Off Sleep Mask - I personally think this is hilarious, they're my first thoughts in the morning if someone wakes me. 

4. Glass Jewelry Box - My girlfriends love their jewelry & this little Jewelry box is adorable.

5. Retro Headphones - Most of my guy friends do Music media courses so I think they would appreciate these.

6. Polaroid picture Hanger - We all have a polaroid camera & I'm kinda surprised that none of us already have one of these babies.

7. Owl Cushion - I have a certain friend who does textiles & loves owls. This would be perfect for her

8. Skull Spirits - We all love our drink & this Skull Vodka & its case are pretty awesome.

9. Scorpion Vodka - My friends would hate me if I got this but for a dare it would be interesting to see who backs down haha

Also we have decided to create one of these. A memory Jar. Fill it up with memories & then on new years open it & have a good laugh & cry. We cant wait to start it, we'll all be howling next New years!

I cant wait to start buying! Luckily all my christmas shopping for family & college friends is done & just needs to be wrapped!

Right now I'm drinking Starbucks Peppermint mocha & listening to Christmas songs & waiting for the predicted snow. It's put me in a great christmassy mood :)


  1. I love the mustache flask!! So cute...I think I need one for myself ;)
    Great gift choices!

  2. I had a peppermint mocha today too! But it was from Panera actually:p I love the holidays, but the "Fuck Off" eye mask is seriously so necessary. I hate being woken up in the morning for school and its still being pitch dark outside

  3. awesome stuff! I just posted the photoshoot I did for #8/Crystal Head Vodka on my blog =P hahah

  4. oh and also that memory jar is such a cool idea!!

  5. I love these choices! Girlfriends are so good to buy for x

  6. These are great :0!
    I love them...

  7. these are great suggestions. i especially love the eye mask (i have the exact same response when woken in the morning as you!)

  8. the memory jar, skull vodka and eye mask are great! i love buying presents:)

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  10. Secret Santa is so much fun! One side of my family does it and it's always fun to see what everyone gets for one another.
    I hope you got the snow you were waiting for! (And a peppermint mocha sounds amazing right now...!)

  11. Secret Santa is so much fun! Great ideas!

  12. haha this is brilliant! so craving a festive starbucks right now xx

  13. I love the owl cushion, so cute, and I do secret santa too, it's always so much fun :) xx

  14. ahh this is such a cute post! Love the story behind it :)

    and also quit funny i bought the moustach drink flask for my boyfriends birthday a while ago!

    it mad her smile

  15. I bought my boyfriend the mini walkie talkies! The memory jar is such a cute idea! There would definitely be tears reading it probably from laughing though! x


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