Moon River

I just finished reading the iconic novel Breakfast at Tiffanys & decided to watch the film again. It's an old favourite that I first watched when I was fifteen & wanted to see what all the fuss was about & have treasured the film ever since. I love how its so naive & innocent & funny. Its a very sweet film & I love the characters. Even cat.

Also I love the song, Moon River is one of my favourite songs. So lovely.

After all the kerfuffle of the new year & being back at college so soon I forgot to mention a few pretty things I grabbed in the sales. I didnt go too wild & only to one shop as I am trying to scrimp & save for a flat! So my local River Island had to suffice & I was actually quite pleased by my finds. 

I grabbed a few pretty floral dresses & playsuits which will be fab for summer, two little party dresses, a patterened skirt, a fitted blazer, an aztec style top, I loved the colour of the shorts & the shoes were in good condition in my size on the shelf so I thought why not.

Anyone go paticularly crazy in this years sales? 

There is nothing better than having a bad day then coming home to a parcel that you have you been itching to open!

When I first came across this post at The Vamoose i instantly fell in love with it! The inspiration, the beautiful jewelry just everything about the blog is breathtaking. Some girls like their shoes & others like their handbags but my thing is jewelry & instantly fell in love with these Earrings. I bought them straight away & here they are. I think I'm in love!

Unfortunately my blackberry does not do them an ounce of justice. They are stunning! Thank you!

I love the start of the new year. Not everyone's a fan with the excitement over & all back to work etc. But to me its like a new notepad, using the first crisp white page for the first time. A new fresh start.

I am back to college now & thought I would share a few pictures & some info about what I do. I am in my 2nd year of a Theatrical & Media Make up course. I speacialize in Wedding makeup, Mendhi, Bodypaint, Catwalk make up, Special effects, Scar camouflage & Theatre make up.

Its such a fun course & I have met some brilliant people. The course is held at my local college & we travel all over Britain for work placements & competitions. This is my last year & I finish in June where I am then applying for the BBC. I hope to become a Special effects make up artist for films so hopefully that will be a start :)

P.s I haven't included the gory side. It makes me feel queasy haha!

Satin&Souffles xx
Hello 2012 

♪ Bloc Party - I still remember ♫

Thought I'd share what I wore last night! I still cannot believe its here already! I spent the night in central Cardiff & it consisted of cocktails at The Dizzy Llama & sushi at Little Tiger, champagne, good music, carnival rides, candy floss & ice skating! Unfortunately I still have no camera so I'll have to pinch my friends photos. I'm a little sad to see 2011 go, I met so many amazing people at work, college, outings, uni, & festivals! Moved a fair few times & I have met some of the greatest friends I could ask for, seeing my parents marry their new loved ones & getting to kiss my james on new years! I couldn't have asked for a better year!

I hope everyone has had a fab year too & to make this year even better & to not break their resolutions in 24 hours ;)

Satin&Souffles xx