Anyone have it? 

Its safe to say that I am addicted. I'm seriously on this site all day. Sad I know but its brilliant. In case you are unfamiliar with Pinterest its an online pinboard site that lets you share images & their links & pin them to a number of boards. 

I use Pinterest instead of saving images straight to my laptop, saves so much space & they wont be lost if you have a "haven't backed up in months" crisis when your laptop decides not to turn on like mine did last night. 

It's handy for me to use for work purposes too like creating fun moodboards or like most people on there organizing events such as weddings & parties & so on.

They have great D.I.Y tutorials...

to amazing style pictures...

To bags!

... & jewelery!

To beauty tips & tricks...

To some of the most tasty recipes...

& interior design!

Like I said I am obsessed. I have over fifty pinboards on fashion, helpful d.i.ys & I cant wait to get started on making a recipe book with some of the recipes on there.

I'd love to check out some of your boards! Leaves links if you wish.

Check mine out here!

{All pictures from pinterest}
Dont mind me,

Just lusting after all of this summer sparkle from Topshop! Sigh. I can't decide on what colour. Any help?
Wow it's been a real slow week for me here in the countryside. I really do miss the busy streets sometimes!

I've been making props for upcoming photoshoots,

Making a terrarium (Dont judge me. I sound like a little old woman but it was fun to make), 

Painting & distressing furniture for the shop. 

Paint everywhere...

I love this piece of furniture. I dont even really know how to decribe it. Its a cabinet/ cupboard/ desk. I got bored of the colour & now I like it so much I dont want to sell it in the shop! 

Buying Rose tea & maccaroons for momma's day whilst in Covent Garden.

Buying this gorgous handall from UO for all my traveling 8)

Hope you guys had a more eventful week than me 8)


Sheer Maxi skirt

I have just purchased a black chiffon maxi skirt! I have seen them everywhere lately & the more I have seen them the more I have wanted one!I find that they look so simple but really chic & look great for summer. Its getting warmer here still a bit chilly & its not really skirt weather just yet which gives me plenty of time to buy a few more in some different colours & some more accessories to go with it.

Thought I'd make a few outfits on Polyvore whilst I wait for it too arrive. Yea, I'm that excited 8)

Vintage Vintage Vintage

We stopped off the other day in North Wales at a vintage furniture shop called Dealers. Unfortunately they didn't sell jewelery or clothes just furniture (otherwise I would have been all over that!). However they did have some pretty neat stuff which would have been great for my house ;) But alas it was very pricey. 

They had some seriously cool stuff there like the Telephone boxes for sale & dodgem cars too! Would have loved one of those ;) I ended up buying the blue & yellow bar stools for the breakfast bar & the 50's Cigarette machine, no idea what I'm going to do with it aha. I was seriously tempted by the beautiful old American flag above but didn't really feel like paying out £95 for it. But I made a deal with myself that if I cant rid it from my mind in the next few weeks I will treat myself & just hope that it will still be there so, touch wood :)

{Apologies for the rubbish photos... they were taken on my phone & I wasn't entirely sure that I was allowed to take them... shh...}