Wow it's been a real slow week for me here in the countryside. I really do miss the busy streets sometimes!

I've been making props for upcoming photoshoots,

Making a terrarium (Dont judge me. I sound like a little old woman but it was fun to make), 

Painting & distressing furniture for the shop. 

Paint everywhere...

I love this piece of furniture. I dont even really know how to decribe it. Its a cabinet/ cupboard/ desk. I got bored of the colour & now I like it so much I dont want to sell it in the shop! 

Buying Rose tea & maccaroons for momma's day whilst in Covent Garden.

Buying this gorgous handall from UO for all my traveling 8)

Hope you guys had a more eventful week than me 8)



  1. the first photo looks beautiful :)

  2. this all sounds perfectly granny! i love being a granny, though i try not to be a bore with it. but i love all things 'granny-esque'.
    it must be he new 'childish'... maybe.

    i love the idea of a terrarium plant.

  3. I love the cabinet thing, I don't blame you for not wanting to sell it! The holdall is also gorgeous xxxx

  4. That cabinet is so so amazing! x

  5. I love those plants in the bottle! I really like your blog, it would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too :) :)

  6. I actually think that cabinet is gorgeous, very vintage :D

    P.s. thanks for the follow on twitter! I appreciate it and thought that I'd drop by :D

    Sanam x
    My Fashion blog: DayByDiva

  7. amazing things and the desk looks so pretty :)
    i love laduree! :D


  8. love love love the green dresser, seriously such a great piece!

  9. Ohhhh I absolutely adore your....all-in-one furniture;) Found your blog today and felt inspired to be creative in my home. Thanks for that!

    Want to be informed about your next projects (also have to steal the terrarium idea;)), so I follow you. Keep on posting!!!

    Kisses from Berlin

  10. Everything looks all lovely and vintage. I like the little cactus’ too !

  11. love your style. lovely blog

  12. love your blog

  13. Love the colour of the cupboard!


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