So I reached 100 followers & as promised, here is my giveaway. Arriving this morning from Asos:

Neon orange nail stickers, Aztec print watch & Tortoise shell frame clutch.

Just a few things I ordered that took my fancy :)

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Marilyn Monroe wrote poetry & you know what? Its not half bad either.

Growing up I never really knew anything about Marilyn Monroe only that she was a beautiful iconic woman, & it shames me to say it but it was only last year that I realised she was an actress!

For an assignment in college I had to chose an iconic famous woman from back in the day, any era, any woman. I chose Marilyn Monroe & saw it as a chance to learn a bit more about her. 

Norma Jean Baker was her real name, changed to Marilyn Monroe when Hollywood came along. She suffered at home from neglect & sexual abuse & was put in a number of foster homes due to her mothers ill health, she never knew her father. One of her foster carers, Her mothers best friend, took on Monroe when she was thirteen & was infatuated with Hollywood & Greta Garbo & let Monroe wear make up & racy outfits all at the age of thirteen. It was her mothers friend who told her she could be a star & later Monroe claimed Greta Garbo & Jean Harlow was her muse.

I have had to create her look so many times, Studying her make up routine & her make up artist, Allan 'Whitey' Snyder, How he became her best friend & confidant in so many ways. She said to him if he outlived her then would he be so kind to do her make up  if she ever died & Snyder, living up to his word did her make up one last time.

The picture of her at a beach is my favourite photo. It was on the wall in my college & it always caught my eye. Monroe was a size 14 & I think this picture should be in everyones mind when they think they're having a fat day. It just goes to show how 'fat' is still beautiful. 

In Vanity Fair they came across her diaries & it showed her secrets, memoires & her poetry. Though Hollywood saw her as the blonde bimbo they mistook how much of an intellectual she actually was. Her home at The Waldorf Astoria was crammed with journals & filled with shelves of books.

I think she is one of Hollywoods best actresses & of course one of the most beautiful women to grace the screens, alongside my other idol Audrey ;)

Also I reached 93 followers last night! I am still in disbelief. I started this blog to write about my interests that my friends just find boring & its lovely to find out after all the wonderful comments that my ramblings are read haha! If I get to 100 I promise to do a give away! Thank you everyone xxx


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Pretty summer dresses

I love a pretty sun dress ready for summer. I get giddy just looking at the styles & the thought of lying on the grass on a hot sunny day with a cold drink & some sunglasses so I have just been browsing & have just fallen in love with these stunning 50's style dresses from Topshop & I need to start saving asap because I simply have to own these & they're going to cost a pretty penny haha.I cant decide which I love more, the short classic sun dresse or the new long flowing dress, Help?


A day in with Sofia

I feel so rubbish today, good job its my day off as when I'm ill I tend to stay in bed all day & watch classic films like Breakfast at Tiffanys, Rebel without a cause, The seven year itch & so on. Today Instead of my usual tradition I opted for a favourite: Sofia's Marie Antoinette. 

I'll be honest, when  I first started watching Sofia Coppolas films I would sit there at the end & think I just sat through that film waiting for something to happen & nothing did. But as I started getting into my film studies course I realised that these are the kind of films that don't need a jaw dropping twist or explosions & such things. That they're all about the actors & the beautiful cinematography through the films. Now I have a little collection including Lost in translation, Somewhere, The virgin suicides & what I decided to watch today the stunning Marie Antoinette.

I love everything down to the unexpected actors like Steve Coogan & Molly Shannon to the beautifuls sets of the french palace, the pastel colour scheme & of course last but not least! The hair, clothes & make up. I love doing 18th Century make up the most for fashion photoshoots so this film is a huuuuuge inspiration. If I had got to work on this film it would have been a dream come true.


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