Proud friend moment

My dear friend Lucy has just completed her 2nd year of Fashion design & I am so proud! Her clothes are beautiful! I thought I'd share.

This project was Preppy, she designed a dress with a coat of arms  inspired by her scottish roots & added her initials.

For this project she had to design a shirt. She used Japanese designers as her inspiration.

This was her final project where she had to think of her own theme & garment. She chose Decay as her theme & a dress for her garment. I think this is my favourite, it reminds me of a Dolce & Gabbana line or Prada.

{All designs by Lucy Graham}

She will be attending Edingbrugh University to do a Textiles course in September. So proud :')




I am a huge fan of Hunter wellies so when I saw this competition I got straight on it! Being a festival baby (My mum & dad met at Glastonbury & I have been going since I was four & a half) I am disapointed that this is my first ever year without going to a festival & I am kicking myself after the line ups for Reading & Coachella. I'm so upset I missed them so I thought I'd make some outfits on Polyvore for this comp & this one was my favourite! I would definitely wear something like this to Coachella, Reading or Glastonbury (Even though it was cancelled this year.)

Check out the comp here at Glitz & Grime by the lovely Sheree Milli :)


Pretty in pink

I was just admiring the roses in my garden when I thought I'd make some of my favourite rose tea :)

I haven't been up to much lately, just getting used to my brand new job at a Michelin Star restaurant which is so stressful & intimidating! Everyone is French so I'm having a bit of difficulty getting to grips with it but hopefully it will all work out. It's a lovely little place called The Checkers & the food! The food is insane. Stupidly expensive but so worth it. They have been so kind as to let me sample the Cheese Souffles & Salted caramel macron which is heaven but I am having nosuch luck with pronouncing the other meals in French at the moment. Thankfully I stocked up on my favourite Rose tea in Covent garden to help me calm down & I think some French lessons are in order. Hope you are all having a good week :)



Today I had a parcel which arrived from Taiwan! A few weeks ago I signed up for an international snacks feast with the lovely Valerie at Lust for Gourmandise to exchange our countries delicacies & snacks! 

I had to prise the snacks out of my friends hands as they all tried to run away with them they were so delicious! As I have never been to Taiwan I'm glad I got to have a taste! The food was lovely & included chocolate rice cakes, Seaweed wrapped cookies (which were interesting but yummy!), caramels, crackers & more! 

I have my parcel all wrapped up ready to send back to Valerie full of traditional British sweets & snacks, I won't give too much away ;)

{I'm afraid the pictures aren't the best still as I have lost the cable for my Canon so my Blackberry had to suffice}


Lazy Monday

I love Mondays. No work & the shop is closed. Today I had a pajama day whilst nursing a little hangover after the Jubilee celebrations, oops. Such a sweet weekend although there was no sunshine, still had a nice day full of street fairs, laughter, drinks & food. So today I just lazed around sorting out decorations, painting furniture & re-arranging the shop.

{Some pretty flowers picked up on a walk}

{The sweets have arrived}

{Sweet display}

{The pick 'n' mix packaging}

{Some cute labels I thought I'd add}

{Painting some vintage furniture I picked up at an auction for the shop}

{& the new love of my life, A victorian till, still complete with pence & shillings. Cost a pretty penny but well worth it. It looks fantastic in my vintage shop}