Country walk 

It was a gorgeous day today so I decided to go for one of my little wanders.

This is the view of my tiny little town Montgomery.

My dog Chewy a.k.a Lizzie (Chewy is short for chewbacca, because she doesn't bark but wails like chewbacca off Starwars. Weird I know) enjoying the sunshine.

This is the War memorial monument.

So many fields!

 I thought this thing was a well at first & backed away thinking some creepy Ring or Grudge girl would crawl out but then I manned up & realised it was just another little monuement thing. Panic over.

Some peacock feathers my momma found! 



I thought I would treat myself to this pretty little necklace from Emerson Fry (was EmersonMade). Its a lovely line that has some fab clothes & accessories! I'm a fan of small, delicate jewelry & thought I would splurge a little on this! 

Hope you're enjoying this hot weather! Its so humid here I am actually just a tiny, weeny bit wishing for rain! Can't believe I'm saying that! 



I saw this rabbit cotton ball holder on Pinterest & thought it was the cutest little thing! 
Then my momma picked up this one! 

I just found it on the shelf & asked if I could have it & as generous as my momma is she said of course! I'm just pondering whether to paint him white or keep him brown, What do you think?

Also I pinned this Teapot & I saw it on the lovely Susies blog so when I saw it for a tenner in the window of my hardware store the otherday & I thought why not?

& snapped him up. Can you tell I am always broke? I spend all my money on things I don't need. Never knew I was such a material girl... Ok I did.