Autumn Essentials

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You might be thinking calm down, Its still sunny why am I posting about hats & scarves already? I am posting about them because here in Wales, It seems to have skipped Autmumn & gone straight to Winter. 

Already the days are darker, gloomier, Mistier, wetter & all kinds of 'ers at the moment. On the way to college lately I have been caught in at least three monsoons without an umbrella & what feels like a hurricane everyday. Not even joking the weather here is pants, not to mention depressing.

So I have made a little essentials list for Autumn here in Wales.

A cozy jumper is what I always end up chucking on in these months. Nothing better than being snuggled up in a cozy knit jumper in this cold.

Best things money can buy. Snoods make you ridiculously warm. Keeps those noses from getting rosy too!

 I have never really been one for hats even though I have been told endlessly that they really suit me, I find them uncomfortable & I get too hot, but last winter I lived in my friend Nathans bobble hat from Topshop. I might invest in one from Topshop as they are super cute!

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A warm, preferably waterproof, coat is of course a must. It is too cold here ;(

I am a big glove fan. I have had so many over the years but this style from Accessorize really does it for me. They are warm, classy & they are padded (but no too padded) to ensure your fingers don't get soaked through when you do decide to indulge you inner child & throw a snowball at your boyfriend.  I will always reccomend these.

Boots. Boots are the main thing I stock up on for Winter (aside from gloves). I love storing my sandals away & bringing out my boot collection ready for Autumn. But a pair of wellies are also well advised when living in Wales.

& of course Its not Autumn without an Autumnal drink to get you in the mood. Apple cider, Spiced Pumpkin Lattes ready for Bonfire Night & Halloween always do it for me!

Anyone else have any essentials for Autumn?

"& I hope she'll be a fool - that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool."

Above is one of my favourite quotes by F. Scott. Fitzgerald. Taken from the Great Gatsby which is heading to cinemas soon & I CANNOT WAIT. Jay Gatsby is one of my favourite characters & seeing as the film is coming out I thought I would share some of my 1922 "West Egg" sets I made on Polyvore.

At first I wasn't too sure of what to think when I found out that Baz Luhrman was directing (He did Moulin Rouge & Romeo & Juliet) & thought his films were always a little eclectic for example Kanye West is on the soundtrack to this new 2012 version which I was horrified with at first but I would be lying to myself if I said the trailer didn't look good... Of course Leo & the beautiful Carey steal the spotlight all the way through, theres a reason itself just to watch! 

Powys Castle

I had a little wander around Powys castle (See Here) the other day, It's one of my favourite places & my dad took me for my birthday. No photos are allowed inside which is a shame, & the gardens are stunning! It's one of those places which you wouldn't be suprisd to see Keira Knightley strutting around in a big poofy dress. Well actually I would because I adore her!

& holy moly! Just noticed I have gained 5oo+ followers!! Since when did that happen! I seriously love all of you lovlies!! Thankyou! Hope you all have a lovely day xx



Just a few things

I have bought with some extra birthday money. Thought I would share. Basically found all of this stuff on my bible: Pinterest.

As soon as I saw this coat I snapped it up straight away! Unexpectedly cheap too! Green is my favourite colour & I adore the polka dots inside! 

I thought this was far too pretty to not buy!

I saw this fabulous sweater on the blog of beautiful Rose at The Londoner & knew I had to have it! The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite books & these sweaters are fab! I will be wearing them to the cinema!

Anyone else bought some favourite pieces lately? 



I cannot stop listening to these songs lately!

Off the drive soundtrack. It has stayed with me since I watched the film. Cannot get enough of it!

I have just discovered this band! I am inlove with this song!

I honestly don't know how I have gone this long without listening to Paloma! Her voice is gorgeous & I love the lyrics to this song!

I have had this on repeat for too long

Such an underrated band! This album is my favourite!

Another off the Drive soundtrack! I can't help it! It's hypnotising! 


Ooh I turned 20 yesterday! My mother is so cute! She still put balloons & banners up all over the front door & kitchen. Bless. Even got a Caterpillar cake & was woken up to a few fab pressies which I will share soon that includes that AMAZING flower tea that blooms in the hot water. Safe to say I was extremely impressed! & tomorrow, the father is visiting from Cardiff to see me & take me to one of my favourite places, Powys Castle. Yes I am a History nerd. Prepare to see some pics of it soon ;)

I finally bought my Ipad & Iphone! Long over due here in Hillbilly town as ever since I moved here I have had zero signal on my crapberry.

& I started my new Childcare course on tuesday & already I love it! Training to be an Au peir is extremely fun! Who knew?

Hope everyone has a fab day! 



Back to skool

This august has been a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me.  I finished my college course in June & since then I have been having doubts about my future career choice.

Not being one for academics, In High school I always veered towards the creative subjects like taking Art & Design, Textiles, Graphics, I loved it. As soon as I finished I went straight to my local college to do photography, which I loved. I LOVE being behind the camera & it is a bit of a passion but with the course I chose (& I imagine it's like this on nearly every single photography course these days) it was basically 80% on photoshop & 20% behind the camera if you get me.

I am a complete technophobe & hated editing my photos for hours so after 3 months I thought I had better get off the course asap because it wasnt for me & do my own photography on the sidelines. I then went straight onto my next course to do Theatrical & Media make up, which was part fashion photography.

I loved the course & creating high fashion looks & fantasy makeup but after a couple of months  steered clear of the fashion side & I fell head over heels in love with Special effects & film make up. Two years of devotion to that course got me into London Imats (Which I seriously recommend! Such an amazing experience) & a full portfolio.

I then finished my course, moved to the country side & got a job as a waitress & applied to countless production companies & the BBC but after a while, with no replies I kind of lost confidence & hope & gave up (which I really shouldn't have done) but I also think it was down to the college bringing out brand new products that basically replaced everything that my course had covered just as I left kind of making my two year course a little pointless. 

So I just kept at my job but in a weird way I fretted that I didn't have a career goal & got quite emotional over it as I haven't got any qualifications apart from my Gcse's & all though the money is good at a Michelin star restaurant I don't want to be there forever so I thought of going back to college to a course in childcare. I want a job where I can go straight into & earn money not having to fight for a job I love in such a competitive industry for just the odd £200 on the side for each placement. 

I thought childcare would be perfect as I can be active, comfortable, having fun & not be stuck in an office (that would drive me insane!) plus I am a big kid myself. I change my mind so often & I hate being stuck in one place for a long stretch of time so my new goal is to become an Au pere & go abroad.

So I am really happy with my new choice even though it means another two years in college but I feel better now that I have something to work towards. I start tomorrow & I am quite excited :)

I made a few sets on "back to college" 
(honestly it somehow made me feel more organised for when I start!)

{Folders. My Ipad which I am having as a birthday treat to myself. Notepad. Post its. Pens & Pencils. Pencil case}

In my bag

{New Topshop satchel. Iphone also a birthday treat (Ipad & Iphone bundle on Orange). Purse. Raybans. Book. Make up bag. Head phones. Eos Lip balm}

What to wear

{Grey cardigan. Sleevless blouse. Jeans. Converse. Necklace}

I will be wearing this as I want to be comfy & casual & of course presentable.

Anyone else had doubts about college/uni? I'm all ears!

P.s I apologise for this awfully long post!