One more Night - Maroon 5

{New Hair! Just had a fringe put in}

I have been so busy with college coursework lately, this half term couldn't come fast enough! I swiftly booked the week off work & I am leaving for Cardiff first thing tomorrow morning. I am so excited to see all my friends, honestly you would think I was going to Disneyland. I haven't really had much of a social life since september as I am in college 9 til 4 everyday then start work at 6 & usually finish 12 - 12:30 so its been quite manic trying to hand all my course work in on time. So as you can see I cannot wait to have a night out with my friends. 

I start my placement on the 5th of November in a primary school as a class assistant for year ones & had my induction today. It went really well, aside from having to supress the urge of climbing on the pirate ship climbing frame in the classroom... I will have to avoid that if I want them to think I'm professional...

{Church entrance covered in leaves}

 Autumn has hit my hometown Montgomery hard! Its Super chilly but all the leaves are golden, red & orange & the place looks prettier than ever! Also it smells like Autumn because everywhere you go some house is burning their woodfire & it smells great :)

 {Pretty orange leaves}

{I wish this was my front door}

{My little town Montgomery looking gloomy}

Hope you all have a lovely day xx
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Guest Post:
Collin - In conjunction with Warehouse

Autumn/winter Trends

As autumn squeezes out the last vestiges of summer, and evenings draw in, then that’s the time to say “what the hell!” Go out and grab some great clothes and go to some great places to show them off. Especially in the UK, autumn and winter can seem to drag on interminably, and it’s easy to get a bit depressed, whether you suffer from Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) or not.  But before you start clicking on your favourite online stores to order, or before you go on a “dress to winter impress” shopping expedition, here’ are three tips as to what’s expected to be fashionable as autumn turns into winter.
Winter and wrapping up warm fit together like a pair of much-loved gloves and it’s no coincidence that this week is wool week, the annual celebration of the on-going Campaign for Wool initiative patronised by no lesser person than His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. It started in 2010 to promote British-made woollen garments and support the wool industry. Noble intentions indeed- but what can we expect to see on the catwalks?

Well, one of the myths to explode is that wool is only good for jumpers and sweaters, and then in traditional arran or cable-knit style. Oh come on- wool is amazingly versatile- mohair and cashmere yarns can turn heads, and wool can be used for trousers, skirts, almost anything in fact!

 Look at Topshop Unique's cross motif jumper that has already been deemed a wow, and snapped spotted on Alexa Chung. Traditional? No- but the wool wow factor is in the red (and black)!
Many people still think of Pringle when it comes to wool, and it was the house built on argyle. It was given a kick by designer Alistair Carr who took and shook the V-neck jumper, updating it in pink neon mohair!

What about dresses?  Well those of you who, like me, love to dress up in dress in a dress, I have some good news. Hold your breath ladies… Dresses are back big time! Some fashion houses are sending the hemlines up, others down. Most of the newly unveiled dress lines are easy on the figure, and styled to enhance the curves. And let’s not miss out the new shirt dresses, which are styled to fall just above the knee or shorter. It tends to be shown with a matching belt, but you can easily add her own choice of belt, and make your own personal statement- put up or belt up girls!


OK. You are sold on a shirt dress… but colour? The shorter and much cooler days of autumn suggest more muted colours and slightly heavier fabrics. Earth tones are in- that means tan, brown, maroon, and olive for starters. The ideas seem to have been borrowed from a Druidical “Earth Mother” concept, but they do go so well with autumnal leaves falling and that low in the sky orange sun! Watch out for wrinkles in those thicker fabrics though… although a travel iron in your handbag would be a little over-the-top!
As autumn turns into winter, then go for darker browns and greens and add in grey and dark/royal blues. Fabrics here may include oxfords and twills. If you don’t want plain and seek a patterned shirt dress, then try herringbone, subtle dogtooth and wider striped 

Finally, and I know some people will hate this- you are going to need a new hat! I know that a lot of ladies wear hats for protection from cold or heat or even wind- but this autumn/winter season the hat is being touted as an important, if not indispensable fashion accessory. You’ll need one not only to keep up with the Joneses but also to complete your look, and stand out.

Here are three examples that seem popular on the catwalks recently- fur (yes, fur!) cowboy (yep, take my word for it! And Cloche hats (my personal favourite). I’ll pass on fur, but cowboy type hats can look good riding over the right outfit. While the Way out West Western style hasn’t been popular with fashionistas in the past, we are told that cowboy hats are going to play a significant role in the new fashion season.
Cloche hats are great. They look sexy and have that 1920s decadence of the Speakeasy, the Black Bottom dance, and, of course… the recession! They bring a welcome maturity, elegance and sophistication to ladies of all ages. 

Eva Green 

"I love photo shoots where I can be like a pinup, not myself. Where I can be feminine, glamorous, dark ... not like in real life. I hate it when you go in and they want you to be 'natural,' to be yourself. I just hate it. I love having fun. When they ask you to smile, I hate it. Of course I smile in my real life, but to do it on cue, that's not spontaneous. I'd rather do something that's like a little movie, like a little story, rather than just me, I feel naked."

I haven't done a post on favourite actresses in a while & thought I would do one on one of my faveourite french actresses (I have three!). 

I first saw Eva as Vesper Lynd, the beautiful new Bond girl & let's just say I fell in love with her. I loved that she wasn't a bond girl with a silly name & that she was intelligent, witty & didn't play the damsel in distress. I then saw her in the Dreamers, an arty indie film & she plays her characters so well. & of course she is stunningly beautiful, she is so classically chic. & is it weird that I love her voice?

I love her approach to acting & think she is one of the best actresses in Hollywood. I love that she is grounded and mysterious but has a secret eccentric side.


So many books...

A couple of days ago the lovely Trisha at Fashion for home sent me an email asking if I would feature some of their amazing furniture here on Satin & Souffles! Safe to say, I jumped at the chance & chose this super cool bookcase! I am a big reader & always running out of space & green is my favourite colour, so all in all, it was fate.

When it comes to interiors I am a huuuge fan of  mixing modern & vintage pieces. I think it just makes your house a little more interesting and fun. Lets just say I am quite in love with my new bookshelf! The green is such a great colour & the best part? It's made of cardboard! It's such a different,interesting design. I love all the different shelf sizes, which make it pretty unique! There is quite a lot of space for books & even magazines to be stored too. There were a lot of ooh's & aah's whilst being unwrapped & he now happily resides in the corner of my living room in its rightful place next to some comfy armchairs so that I can cuddle up & read. Take a look at their lookbook here!  

A huge thank you to Trisha for this lovely oppurtunity & to her friend for introducing her to my blog! 
Thankyou so much again!

{Apologies for the photo's. My card reader has decided to go walk abouts so I have had to make do with my Iphone & Instagram!}

Happy weekend lovelies xx


What's in my bag

I am one of those really nosey people that love looking around other peoples houses, wardrobes, & of course bags. I love wimb posts. For some reason I find them so interesting & love the Wimb group on Flickr, so I thought it was about time I did one myself.

{1. Rayban Aviator Icons, 2. River Island purse, 3. Bodyshop coconut bodymist, 4. Polaroid 300 camera, 5. Apple connector, 6. Apple adapter, 7. Headphones, 8. Eco Hairbrush, 9. Eos Passion fruit lip balm, 10. Fish eye & Macro magentic lenses for Iphone & Ipad & silk brocade purse I keep them in, 11. Non-Animal Tested make up & bag, 12. Ipad 3, 14. Glasses & case}