One more Night - Maroon 5

{New Hair! Just had a fringe put in}

I have been so busy with college coursework lately, this half term couldn't come fast enough! I swiftly booked the week off work & I am leaving for Cardiff first thing tomorrow morning. I am so excited to see all my friends, honestly you would think I was going to Disneyland. I haven't really had much of a social life since september as I am in college 9 til 4 everyday then start work at 6 & usually finish 12 - 12:30 so its been quite manic trying to hand all my course work in on time. So as you can see I cannot wait to have a night out with my friends. 

I start my placement on the 5th of November in a primary school as a class assistant for year ones & had my induction today. It went really well, aside from having to supress the urge of climbing on the pirate ship climbing frame in the classroom... I will have to avoid that if I want them to think I'm professional...

{Church entrance covered in leaves}

 Autumn has hit my hometown Montgomery hard! Its Super chilly but all the leaves are golden, red & orange & the place looks prettier than ever! Also it smells like Autumn because everywhere you go some house is burning their woodfire & it smells great :)

 {Pretty orange leaves}

{I wish this was my front door}

{My little town Montgomery looking gloomy}

Hope you all have a lovely day xx
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  1. I have been listening to that song for 48hrs now! It's speaks so much of my life lately! Love the photos, btw!

    Happy Weekend! =)

  2. The fringe looks absolutely gorgeous! Really suits you :)
    Liv xxx

  3. I'm loving those pictures. So pretty. Xo Inna


  4. Great pictures! Love your blog, newest follower :)


  5. I have a full on obsession with photographing cute front doors so I love this post!

    Anna x

  6. Beautiful photography! Loved reading this post :)

    My blog:

  7. your hair and town look really cute!

  8. gorgeous autumn pics, i need to get out and take some!
    your fringe looks so nice as well:)

    i'm having a jewellery giveaway, ends on halloween!

  9. Gorgeous photos! Following, just discovered your blog! Follow back if you want :)

  10. Your little town is sooo beautiful! :)

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  11. Thank you ever so much for your lovely comment

    Love Roza

  12. Your home town looks really lovely. :) Also your new job sounds great! My boyfriend has worked as an assistant to 5th graders and really liked it. Heh the pirate ship does sound tempting! There's always gonna be a little kid inside me. :)

    First snow just hit us here in Finland, and I wasn't even fully "in" the whole Autumn-thingy yet ! Oh well, better put my wellies back into the closet and start searching for woolly socks and winter coats etc. I hope you get a much longer, and more sunny Autumn than me :)

    Indie by heart

  13. Your hair is gorgeous and you're so pretty! Autumn has hit us too and I'm loving it :) X

  14. danggg girl. you really are extremely busy. enjoy your much deserved break.

    ps. i dig your new bangs!

  15. i love your new hair, you look very pretty! :D

    p.s. wow, those leaves are so beautiful! i wish our autumns here in los angeles were like that. ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  16. Your town looks so beautiful, especially with the autumn change in the air, so picturesque!
    And the fringe really suits you! I was growing mine out but you've persuaded me how cute it looks so I'm confused again, haha.


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