Auld Lang Syne - Mairi Campell

I hope you all had a lovely christmas! & happy holidays for those that don't celebrate christmas :) 

I had a lovely day spent with my family drinking Champagne, Chablis, Snowballs, Brandy Cocktails, Eating Chocolates, Liquers, Crisps & of course, a Vegetarian christmas dinner for me:) 

{My Christmas Tree}

{Cute Christmas Decorations from my shop}

{Vases full of Miseltoe around the house made it feel extra festive}

{I finished working at my local village school & the children made me some christmas decorations as  leaving presents! Too cute!}

{Lizzy joining in the festivities}

I will share some pictures of presents soon & pictures of Amsterdam will follow soon too!

Once again, Happy Holidays! 

Last Christmas ~ Wham!

I was recently emailed for the chance to take part in a Next competition to: Create a Next Window Display!

Using only products from Next you can design a shop window front by using any objects whether its clothes, decorations or homewares. I decided on clothes Christmas day!

Whether you like to have a cosy & comfy christmas spent with family, nothing too sparkly, eating & opening presents, a christmas jumper & warm boots is the way forward!

Or if you prefer to do it the sparkly way, this dress is gorgeous & to top it off comes in this lovely festive colour complete with gold bangles. It Would look lovely at a christmas party drinking & dancing the night away with friends.

The lovely Jess of Feeling Stylish is hosting! Take a look!

Hope you're all well! 


Rockin' around the christmas tree ~ Brenda Lee

I got back from Amsterdam this morning! I had so much fun It's a lovely place if you know where to go! I'm thinking of going next year but for a bit longer so I have more time to do things.

I will post some pictures soon but for the mean time I thought I'd share my chistmas wishlist.

 Just some things I have been lusting over for a while now. & Just a heads up, I found all of this stuff on Pinterest, I think I have an unhealthy relationship with it...

As soon as I saw this I wanted it! I love satchels & in mint green? Even better.

Okay, I love my alcohol. I'm already collecting fancy bottles & strange liquors for bar that my momma made me. I like the packaging for this bottle & they have some great flavours. I need to try the Hazelnut or Rose flavoured one.

I have never tried this. My hair is very stubborn & hates products but I have seen & heard such great reviews about this.

I am a HUGE Wes Anderson fan & Margot & Richie are my favourites. I love this print by Nan Lawson. Her artwork is fabulous & I need this print hanging up somewhere in my room.

I am one of those people who crave notebooks & journals. I have hundreds & some are even untouched, but I still can't resist a new one. This one I would probably remember to use everyday & it would be interesting to look back on.

I love my jumpers & this one is perfect. Its pretty cheap too!

So the pretty Decanters cost a pretty penny {£300 to be exact} but you can get them cheaper. This perfume is unisex & quite honestly, heaven. It has buttery notes of Rum, Caramel, Wood. It's beautiful.

These animal mugs are super cute! The octopus was my favourite!

Lately I have been admiring a number of dainty gold jewellry & this one especially caught my eye. It's sweet & personal, I hope I get it ;)

These have been out for awhile but they are a good brand & an excellent camera. Its compact & they have some excellent lenses.

This is a gorgeous colour by Essie called Penny Talk. I need it now wah! 

So there you go... It's not like I want much haha ;) 

I'd love to see all your christmas wishlist's if you'll leave a link in the comments! 

Where do you go to my lovely - Peter Sarstedt

Well as I am typing this I am in Liverpool waiting to depart to Amsterdam! Super excited isn't the word! I promise to take lots of photos & will be back soon! 

Lots of love

Prehistoric - Now, Now

I  saw  the jumper & necklace on pinterest &  loved  the look of them combined. I adore the rabbit print jumper & I really need to invest in one of these fabulous clutches from Etsy! Check out the shop , they have some gorgeous things! 


The Ground - Orla Gartland

In this cold weather I tend to veer towards browns, greys, & beiges when it comes to my clothes. In case you didn't already know I have a huge softspot for satchels & old worn leather bags, no idea why, I guess I feel scholarly haha. Hunters are a must in Wales as I have mentioned before, Its rainy wet season all year round. I hope to be taking/wearing lots outfits alot like this around Amsterdam.