Christmas Wrapping

So I have almost finished wrapping all of my presents! & it is safe to say this month has pretty much drained my purse! I wrapped mine up in brown paper laced with gold washi tape. Unfortunately, all my technology is broke so I have no camera for christmas *sob*

Here are few inspiration tips I got from Pinterest

This year will be the first ever that I have spent away from home & my family (basically breaking all my own traditions of watching Wallace & Gromit all day & eating Quality Street etc.) But will be spending it in Chester making new traditions with M. We have got a gorgeous hotel ready to stay at & our Christmas dinner will be made by Marco Pierre White in his restaurant :D I cannot explain how excited I am!

how is everyone else getting ready for Christmas? Any film watching? Candy cane eating? Mince Pie Munching? 

Hope you Have a good one! Until then,
 Merry Christmas!


Gift Guide: For her

{ Candle, Nars, Make up bag, Jewellery holder, Notebook, Mug, Cowshed, It Book }

So this is mainly a list of things that I have bought for my girlies this year & to be honest I want most of it for myself! How cute is that make up bag? & to recieve the IT book too! 

Hope everyone isn't too stressed out! 




Gift Guide: For Him

Just some ideas for christmas shopping for boys. I'm usually pretty good at buying gifts but M is pretty hard to buy for. He's a big kid & is fussy with his clothes so I'm basing this gift guide around him! Hope it helps some haha! I'll do a gist guide for her too soon people so stay tuned! 

Have a great day! 




Christmas Wishlist

So I'm in a bit of a pickle. I am currently moving out! Yay! But I have had no internet for a month now & I don't know when it will be arriving. Also my laptop is broke, my phone is broke, & my camera is even more broke & to top it all off I am in work every single night & have a mountain load of college essays to write & hand in. Anyway these are my excuses for being a rubbish blogger. I hope you will forgive me.

Until I get some Wifi at my crib, you will all have to make do with my quick christmas wish list! A few things I have been lusting after for awhile! 

I hope everyone is as excited for christmas as I am! 

Til next time, 



Autumn Days


I know it's almost winter, & that I left this post super late, But I needed to hurry up & post my Autumn mood board. Autumn is my favourite season, maybe because it has my birthday in it but I love the autumnal colours, wrapping up warm in chunky scarves, knit jumpers, cosy socks, sipping hot chocolate or hot apple cider. 

I have been super organized this year (I am the most unorganized person you will ever meet) & actually got most of my christmas shopping done this past week! Now I just need to wrap & hide them, but just remember where I put them, as I have forgotten the hiding places in the past & found christmas presents around Easter time... oops.


Happy Halloween Everyone!

Halloween is by far my favourite holiday! I can't wait to be lying in bed later watching scary films with sweets! I carved my pumpkin last night, It's my little tradition every year ;) Hope everyone has a great night dressing up, drinking, partying, & of course, SCARING ;)

Also if you wish to be apart of the British Bloggers Selection contact Ellie over at Little Vintage Camera, just tell her you Blog URL & name :D


Sunday Morning

So I finally had my day off, It's really unfair as I get one day off a week from college & work & it just happens to fall on a sunday, which is just great because everything is closed.

As I live in a very rural area there isn't much to do anyway so me & M thought we would pop over to our local national Trust Castle to see if the gardens were open as the sun was shining. The castle is called Powis castle & it's my favourite, M is french & had never been to any National Trust places before so I thought I'd bring him here. Fortunately the castle was open as they're showing the place off before it closes for the winter season. 

It's such a beautiful place. I wish I could have taken more photo's inside but the mean old volunteers go crazy when they see a phone or a camera out because flashes can ruin the old paintings so I managed to sneak just a few.

The gardens are so beautiful They are taken care of everyday & the statues are gorgeous & the flowers are my favourites. M had to drag me away from them as I was taking to long.

The castle looks so gothic in black & white, I felt like I was re-reading Northanger Abbey.

Unfortunately my cameras on the blink so I have to make do with my Iphone. 

I hope everyone else is having a good weekend.


A very belated 21st

Nearly a month ago I turned 21! I still don't feel it. I suppose you never do! 

I had a lovely day in which mother dearest woke me up to a little sing song, the smell of coffee, & scrambled eggs. She tried to make it as reminiscent & nostalgic as my pre teen birthdays as she just can't get to grips with her "baby" aging. I had banners, pink balloons, & a table full of wrapped presents in which I was itching to open!

My family, friends, & extended family kindly treated me to some odds & ends that I have been lusting after for a while but I had asked for money as I desperately need a new computer & have my eyes set on a Macbook Air as I am a huge Apple lover.

As I live in a very rural area, there just isn't much to do at all! But a small Vineyard had popped up just down the road so off me & mother dearest went to explore! 

We had a few cheese boards & a few wine tasters, & as my first vineyard experience it was rather enjoyable, even though I know nothing about wine, but the owners were very enthusiastic & helpful to fill us in!

When I arrived home, I little too tipsy than I care to admit, oops, I was welcomed with these beautiful flowers from my boy. Unfortunately he works 18 hours a day & I didn't see much of him until he finished where he surprised me with champagne, more flowers, & some books that I've been after for awhile. 

I had such a lovely day considering I live in the middle of nowhere, my friends couldn't be there, & that I had to work in the evening! Not a wild 21st, but good enough for me.