Sunshine Blues ~ Bahamas

Five Things

Mother dearest' artwork. She does mixed media art & they are fabulous.

Sipping Rose tea in my mums pretty new teacup.

Perks of working in a Michelin star, the chefs make me Creme Brulee for staff lunch! 

Loving my new William Morris Barbour coat & Cambridge Satchel.

Enjoying the smell of my christmas gift from my mother, part if the Library collection, a candle themed Edgar Allan Poe, one of my favourite writers. Its smells amazing! 



D.I.Y - Mason Jar Sewing Kit

I saw this cute little mason jar sewing kit diy on Pinterest ages ago & knew I had to have one! So here is my little sewing kit made with just cotton wool, some vintage fabric, glue, & a mason jar! 

I just followed this tutorial! Check it out :)

Hope you're all well!


Golden Brown ~ The Stranglers

Some new pictures of the shop!

Our shop is filled with vintage odds & ends & pretty little things! There's a tradeshow soon where we'll need to go & have a look around for some more bits to fill it with! 

Sorry for the blurry pics! My Iphone isn't the best!


Matilda ~ Alt-J

It's snowing!!

On Friday my college was closed due to the snow so Chewy & I thought we would go for a walk.

I threw snowballs for Chewy & ran around the fields to keep warm. After it got too cold we came home to a nice mug of spanish hot chocolate! Very fancy haha!

{Photo's are all my own & are edited in Instagram & PicFX}

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Have a good day & stay warm!!


Eskimo Kiss ~ The Kooks

My Cambridge Satchel arrived yesterday! & I am a hundred per cent in love with it! I know brown isn't a very exciting colour when they have a metallic & neon range but I wanted to keep it simple. I love how it's so old school & has my initials embossed in gold.

I get a day off college today as it is closed because of snow! It came from no where last night! So I think I will have a lazy day in bed catching up on tv series, doing homework & drinking plenty of hot chocolate before  I have work.
Stay warm people! 


Have any of you lovely readers ever visited or heard of the sites The Coveteur & my personal favorite ClosetVisit

{An old photo of my dressing table}

They are basically two websites that go around peoples homes photographing the persons favorite items of clothing, accessories or shoes. They take the photos of the items around the persons house, styling them on bookshelves, hanging pictures, chairs in the garden, you name it they've taken a photo of it. 

I love going through the peoples photos, some people are famous, some aren't, some are designers, some are stylists & some are children. I love looking at there clothing as it ranges from Gap to chanel to flea market finds, but my favorite part is Looking at their homes & their treasures. Each photo has a little tale about why its their favorite piece of jewelry, how old it is & where they got it from. & its not just items of clothing, they also give some information on their personal belongings around their house.

Therefore I thought It would be an interesting idea to do one myself, a few photos of the corners of my room if you will. I won't involve my clothes as my wardrobe just isn't photo worthy hence why I don't do outfit posts haha. It's more of an interior post but hopefully you'll like it! 

{This is a corner of my desk. The poster is from an Anthropologie look book from the mail, I love their styling so I always put one up in my room. The converted oil lamp is my step dads. Hopefully he'll let me keep it because I don't think I could part from it now}

{A few years ago my mother decorated an old 50s cocktail bar & gave it to me for christmas. I now keep the empty bottles after I drink them to display (is that weird haha?). The picture behind is my stepdads, he is a huge music  man, he has seen nearly every single famous band. This board is from his teens & he collected all the tickets from the bands he saw, on it you can find Blondie, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones & I could go on!}

{This is my bedside table. The bowl I just received for christmas off my Step dads mother. It's Japanese & I don't think I have mentioned on here before but I am obsessed with Japan. The box was given to me on my 18th birthday off my mum. I have always had a thing for boxes & keys. This is an antique Edwardian vanity box. Probably used in Jane Austen times hehe}

{This is my make up stand. The table is from an auction I won for £10 & I love it! My make up is from either Lush, The Bodyshop or Illamasqua as I am a strict vegetarian & won't use any make up that's animal tested. The tin is a vintage find from a charity shop that now houses my bobby pins, as I always loose them} 

{My record player I bought when I was 16. I had no idea how to work it & was given a bunch of jazz & beatles records. My collection has now vastly improved thanks to Urban Outfitters but I now need a better record player...}

{My desk again. The blue bowl I saved from my shop. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I genuinely think its one of my favorite things I own! I love it's japanese style. The art deco bird I also saved from my shop. It was hanging around so I gave it a new home & I love it on my desk. Same  goes for the wooden drawers, also saved from the shop. The black & white pictures are of New York during the depression. I don't know who took them but they are really old & I love them. There are four all together & they feature the streets of NY & the brooklyn bridge. I love how they are just someone's holiday snaps, the people in them are so relaxed & natural & their clothes are great.}

{Some books I bought from a charity shop the other day. I have run out of space on my bookcase so they are just hanging around. The unicorn ring is from Topshop. It made me laugh}

{My mother found these Peacock feathers for me on a walk. I always have a sense of nostalgia whenever I see peacock feathers as they remind me of being 7 years old running around my aunties farm with my cousins & looking for the peacock. He was always hiding from us noisy kids but I always took his feathers home. The small pearl box is from an indian market my mum bought for me when I was very little. The bowl of jewelry has a mix of costume & indian market jewelry. The bowl is made from glass & has flecks of gold in it, a woman gave it to me for free from a market in Turkey}

{I have had this display cabinet since I was 8. My mum would always take me for a day out on the weekend & the first thing we would do was head straight for the charity & antique shops. In one of my favorite antique shops in South Wales, she treated me to this cabinet. Okay, I wasn't some kind of old lady in an 8 year olds body always buying antiques, I have always been fascinated by things that were used in the past but I did use this cabinet as a doll's house for the first couple of years of having it. The fossil on the middle shelf my dad bought for me in Scotland when I was a kid. I was obsessed with dinosaurs at one point. The coral I bought recently from a charity shop for 50p}

{This printing tray is my mums & she is so mad that I have it. But she is never getting it back ;) I have filled it with crystals & geodes & just little odds & ends that I kept as a kid that I classed as treasure. The small bronze elephant I found on the floor in Turkey, the glass one was a gift from my best friend when she got back from india. I bought the turtle from a kayaking centre in Florida & the shells are from my favoriteplace in the world, a place in Florida, near the Keys called Sanibel Island. The sea urchin shell I brought back from scotland when I was 9, how I have kept it from damage for 11 years I will never know. The wooden picture above is a piece of my mums art. I love having her stuff placed around my room}

{I loved the jar as soon as I saw it & rescued it from my mum. It now holds a vintage 1930s umbrella. I also saved the drawers (my bedside table) from my mothers art room. I love that its covered in paint splashes. I have a love hate relationship with the fabric picture. Its from the 70s & I don't know if I like it or not but something always stops me from throwing it out. The aztec print rug was £12 from a market that my mother so kindly treated me too as I cried because I had no money & couldn't bare to leave behind. Story of my life}

{These are some of my favorite items off my vanity table. The chloe perfume bottle, the perfume is long gone from my teenage years but I kept every single perfume bottle. I loved the design of this Chloe perfume bottle. The agate crystal necklace I got from my mum last year. She got it for 50p but I had to have it! My Michael Kors watch. My Emerson Made gold coin necklace. Its my good luck charm. This photo is of my mum & her family on holiday when they were kids back in the 70s. It makes me happy.}

{Old perfumes bottles. My dad treated me to my favorite Chanel perfume for christmas but as I don't think its animal cruelty free I refuse to wear it. Some more photos of my mum as a kid. An old Eiffel Tower miniture souvenir I bought in a charity shop.}

{This mirror is my other favorite possession. I love the colour & shape & how it's kind of shabby. This, along with everything else I have "saved from the shop/rescued from my mother" is on loan from her. But I will try my best to keep it haha. The bangles are all my friends that I have collected over the years. The picture is my favorite photo of me & my mum when I was little. I bought the blue necklace from a market in Turkey.}

{This find is also on loan from mother dearest. She let me borrow it as it has Vogue on it & I used to do fashion. I love that its old & the image is printed on mirror. Very Old school}

So there you have it. A few corners & odds & ends from my room. If anyone does a post like this please come back & link it in the comments! I would seriously love to see how everyone else's turns out. 

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