Sunshine Blues ~ Bahamas

Five Things

Mother dearest' artwork. She does mixed media art & they are fabulous.

Sipping Rose tea in my mums pretty new teacup.

Perks of working in a Michelin star, the chefs make me Creme Brulee for staff lunch! 

Loving my new William Morris Barbour coat & Cambridge Satchel.

Enjoying the smell of my christmas gift from my mother, part if the Library collection, a candle themed Edgar Allan Poe, one of my favourite writers. Its smells amazing! 



  1. that laduree tea looks amazing!it's one of my favourite places in the world!and i love the candle, i saw the jane austen and oscar wilde ones and they looked fabulous!your mums artwork is so lovely too:')annie x

  2. A Poe themed candle!? How very cool!
    I'm super jealous that you get creme brulee with lunch. Favorite dessert! <3

  3. these are beautiful photos :)

  4. You get creme brulee?! I'm SO JEALOUS!

    <3 Cambria

  5. great post, really love the art your mom did:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  6. Jealous of the creme brulee you're getting! I love your satchel too, I really want one with my initials as well.

  7. I love how everything is so romantic :D the butterflies and all :)))

    thanks for following.

    which trend would you rck?

  8. wow. the tea cup is so cute and i'm so jealous of you're cambridge satchel! xo

  9. Your very good blog and very good pictures.I follow you .Do you follow me ? Kisses.xoxo.
    Ceren B.

  10. lovely pieces! I'm loving the William Morris coat :)

    Hannah xx


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