Everybody loves me ~ OneRepublic

 I know everyones probably thinking "Really? Another Oscar post?" But I freaking love the Oscars. I would seriously be in my element aside from a few uncontrollable breakdowns if I met my favourite actors/actresses. The of course Oscars ooze Hollywood & glamour & I could daydream all day about being sat at a table with the likes of Joseph Gordon Levitt, Robert DeNiro, Meryl Streep, Emma Stone all lazily chatting & laughing like old friends whilst sipping champagne. Seriously, I could do it all day. But of course I think more about the dress I would wear as flashbulbs go off in my face as I walked down the red carpet with Ryan Gosling. Okay I have thought about it far too much but you're all lying if you've never thought about it ;)

Just some outfits I put together if I ever get the chance haha...

 & for the after party...

Like I said, I have thought about this too much.

Anyone else enjoy the Oscars?


Chocolate & Cigarettes ~ Angus & Julia


I love tattoos. I already have two so when a friend of a friend needed someone to practice on for her first ever tattoo I had no problem volunteering. Call me crazy but I don't look at tattoos with much thought. Each to their own I always think & the only problem I have ever seen with them is running out of room.

I saw a picture of a lotus & thought it was really pretty. Lotus's are quite a spiritual flower & they also bloom in mud & dark places so I thought it was a nice reminder of how good things come along when times are dark.

I haven't had it shaded in yet as we ran out of time & it's currently in the process of healing hence why the lines aren't in great shape. It's placed at the top of my back just under my neck. I love it.

{My new starry vans!}

{Currently wishing for spring & sunshine & nice green trees full of leaves. & a nicer view from my room...}

{I made a new friend via Penpalling! So excited & can't wait for more!}

{Buying new vintage pieces for my Etsy Shop}

Hope everyone is well!



Kiss Me ~ Six Pence None The Richer

This week has been so hectic. A lot of traveling  on trains, Catching up on some reading, Finishing assignments & spending far too much money. It was actually quite nice to have a week to myself without work or college to go to.

The days have been getting considerably lighter here & we actually had sun! I love this time of year when the sun starts to shine again. With all the gloom of winter months I forget how much I love & miss it. Although its still cold & I need to wrap up in my boots & scarf, there is nothing better than being outside in the crisp weather wearing sunglasses. It has made me so much more happier.

On another note Spring is almost here! I cannot wait to start buying spring/summer clothes! I have recently discovered Free People (I know, How is this possible?) Although some of their clothes are a little out my price range at the moment, I couldn't help but make a wishlist of some things I would love to purchase.

I love the whole "Boho" vibe that arrives with sun & I find that these clothes are perfect for it!

Also check out Free Peoples short film HERE. I fell quite in love. The models are so beautiful it hurts haha.

I hope everyone is well & had a lovely Valentines day ;)


Jerk it out~ The Caesars

I love this post Want, Read, Wear, Need that one of my favorite blogs Bleubird has started doing & I have decided to do one myself.

This week, I just bought these star Vans ready for summer! I'm more of a Converse than a Vans girl but these were too cute to pass up for summer. I am currently reading 'Norwegian Wood' by Haruki Murakami. I love it & seriously recommend it. I really want this new Fuuvi Bee camera. Its a video camera that is pocket size & films in 8mm to give a vintage feel. & it takes photos! I have so many notepad & sketchpad apps on my Ipad & I am in desperate need of a nice stylus especially for all my note taking in my lectures! 


Lonely Boy ~ The Black Keys

Etsy Finds

I love Etsy. When I finally get my own place my house will be furnished with finds from Etsy. So will my wardrobe hopefully.

I thought I'd just share some odds & ends I am currently loving at the moment

Oana Befort's illustrations make me so happy. Her work is beautiful & I can't wait to purchase some!

I am a huge crystal lover & Amethyst is my favourite so its only natural that these gorgeous amethyst slice earrings would appeal to me.

This spotted clutch is too cute!

I'm in desperate need of a new record player & this old school powder blue one is perfect!

This folding travel mirror is gorgeous! But I'm running out of wall space...

I am a huge Beatrix Potter fan & this converted book clutch is adorable!

I love Terrariums & I love this one!