Kiss Me ~ Six Pence None The Richer

This week has been so hectic. A lot of traveling  on trains, Catching up on some reading, Finishing assignments & spending far too much money. It was actually quite nice to have a week to myself without work or college to go to.

The days have been getting considerably lighter here & we actually had sun! I love this time of year when the sun starts to shine again. With all the gloom of winter months I forget how much I love & miss it. Although its still cold & I need to wrap up in my boots & scarf, there is nothing better than being outside in the crisp weather wearing sunglasses. It has made me so much more happier.

On another note Spring is almost here! I cannot wait to start buying spring/summer clothes! I have recently discovered Free People (I know, How is this possible?) Although some of their clothes are a little out my price range at the moment, I couldn't help but make a wishlist of some things I would love to purchase.

I love the whole "Boho" vibe that arrives with sun & I find that these clothes are perfect for it!

Also check out Free Peoples short film HERE. I fell quite in love. The models are so beautiful it hurts haha.

I hope everyone is well & had a lovely Valentines day ;)



  1. Lots of beautiful things to see! <3

  2. This whole post makes me wish it was the Summer already! Loving the boho hats xoxo

  3. Definitely a fan of the boho vibe, especially the white sun dresses! (: Very accurate trend report, love it!

    Cindy C.

  4. I know, isn't Free People the best? Just wish it was summer already to break out those shorts and crochet tops!

  5. Loving the hats especially !! When I go on holiday I tend to always wear my big floppy hat and these three are really pretty too! <3

  6. Love love love ! ^^ SO prettyy.. Can't wait for the summer season.

    By the way, I have some new blog buttons if you want to change the one you have here. But that one's fine too x

    Indie by heart
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  7. I love the hats xx

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