Buzzin' ~ Shwayze 

I love winter. I love wrapping up in scarves & hats & sitting by the fireside drinking hot chocolate, having snowball fights & wearing boots but having these grey skies & snow can be kind of depressing when it's around for too long.

Right now I cannot wait for the  Spring to show! I'm looking forward to green trees & fields, Sunshine, warm breezes, wearing sunglasses & acceptable ice cream eating weather!

Here are a few outfits I've put together as a little inspiration for those warmer days that I can't wait for!

Untitled #86


College day

day out

Anyone else wishing for the cold weather to go? 


Ends of the Earth ~ Lord Huron

{Lemon & Rosemary tart I made, A new purchase from Iwona Ludyga her beautiful Skull Bracelet, Salad pasta, New purchases from my best friend Agent Provocateur}

I  haven't been up to much lately, Just nonstop work & college & by only having sundays & monday evenings off there isn't a chance to do much in that time . So as of late I have been leading quite a boring lifestyle. Unfortunately my only outlet of shopping I get to do is internet shopping & I hate having it at my fingertips as I spend too much! 

Hope everyone else's weeks are more interesting! 


Swim Good ~ Frank Ocean 

{Source, Pinterest}

I have yet to see the new Oz film, but with such a fantastic trailer & cast I'm sure I will approve, so I thought I would re-read all fourteen of the Oz books as it's been such a long time & my inner child loved them! My hair is suffering from the cold winter weather & this coconut oil returns it to its healthy shiny self! I looove the colour & pattern of this Ipad cover from Free People! I love blouses & shirts for casual wear & this striped one is lovely :)

Hope everyone else is enjoying this sun!!!


Candy ~ Paolo Nutini

Some Spring inspiration
{Sources ~ Pinterest}

The days are getting slightly warmer here, they are longer & the sun is shining. It's one of my favourite times of year, leaving the cold dregs of winter & the start of sunny spring. I can't wait to start wearing florals to match the sunny days & go on long drives in the country.

  Any one else looking forward to it?


Better to be ~Liam Finn

 We went for a little wander the otherday to look for some antiques & treasures for our shop Indigo Moon. I would have taken some nice photos but as usual I got told off just as I started. I did however find some pretty pieces to put in my Etsy Shop! They will all be in soon!

I have been so busy lately! Finally just trying to finish my 100+ essays before the 1st of July! So apologies for the lack of interesting posts of late! 

Hope everyone os having a more exciting week than me!