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Today I have a Guestpost from Charles Clinkard! before to check out the link & enjoy :)

Monochrome is definitely one of the biggest trends right now. Taking its inspiration from the 60s, monochrome is of course a fancy way of saying black and
 white. It’s certainly got the potential to be dramatic but one of the best things about a trend like this is that there are so many ways to play around with it. You can do it subtly or boldly; a full outfit or just a nod.

Adding solid colour accessories to a contrasting one-colour outfit is a simple but stunning way to achieve minimalist monochrome. Spots, stripes and chevrons bring black and white out in full force. If neither of those appeals and you want to incorporate it into your everyday look, then go for monochromatic shoes or a bag.

Since the look is all about contrast, I don’t think it has to be limited to just black and white either. Swap white for nude for subtle contrast or try navy in place of black for a nautical feel.

All women’s shoes and bags from Charles Clinkard.

How would you wear this trend?


  1. You inspire <3 Thank you for such helpful post !

  2. i love the black and cream tote - it would go with so many outfits and looks really classy! defiantly going to check this website out!

  3. I love the bag selection very nice post x

  4. love the camel and white flats.. pretty..


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  6. Oh I absolutely love monochromatic looks. In fact, I am guilty of wearing all black sometimes, but after looking at your post I should try adding a pop of color in my monochromatic outfits!


  7. Been loving the monochrome look lately! I have a black and white leather jacket that I've been wearing a lot! Thanks for your sweet comment, I've followed you here, would LOVE if you followed me back :)

    xoxo, Julie

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