Young & Beautiful ~ Lana Del Rey

May Wishlist

I adore these botanical journals! & how cool is that Iphone cover? 

I have been working non stop lately, me & my friend Kasey have decided to have a weekend away in London soon, so I am saving up for hotels & outings for that. She's never been to London & I can't wait to show her my favourite haunts including treating her to lunch at Laduree. I can't wait!

Hope you're all well! 



  1. This is a lovely blog! Enjoy London =]

  2. awn, love the title of your post, i'm really addicted to that amazing song :)
    bisous x

  3. notebooks <3 gorgeous things :)
    I'd recommend going to the markets in London and the v&a ;) x

  4. Loving that Charlotte Olympia clutch! Would absolutely love to go to Laduree! Love Portabello Road in London :)

  5. Love the phone case! Too bad it's $35 and I would hate getting and sort of dirt into the holes/windows xD

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