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If I haven't mentioned before, I am a sucker for the National Trust. For those who don't know, the National Trust is an organization that buys & retains old buildings in the u.k i.e castles, manors, victorian/edwardian houses & beautiful gardens. I was basically brought up in this organization, as a kid, on the weekends my parents would pack a picnic & we would set off for the day heading to a castle ruins or a gigantic manor house filled with edwardian furniture. I loved it. I always pretended I was a princess or on some kind of adventure as soon as I stepped on the grounds & quite honestly, all these years later I still do.

I finally had a day off work a few sundays ago & me & my family set off to an old 1900s country cottage. As soon as I entered the little house I immediately pictured myself in an Agatha Christie novel.

Does anybody else love the National Trust?


  1. What a gorgeous villa, I can imagine myself walking trough those gorgeous gardens... Yes, like in Agatha Christie ;)!


  2. Wow, this place looks amazing! I'd definitely live there, haha. I don't know if we have an equivalent to the National Trust here, though.

  3. Those tiles and the glasswork, stunning!

  4. ahh these photos are gorgeous!

    Hannah xx

  5. Wow, that looks really cool!!! The place sounds and looks AH-MAZING!


  6. I love the National Trust too - my parents used to take my sister and I out to grand houses and I would imagine I'd gone back in time and was the lady of the manor! Gorgeous photos xxx

    The perks of being a hipster

  7. nice photo dear! :)
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    .never settle for less.

  8. My national trust card is the best things I've ever bought! Do you have instagram? Your pictures are stunning!

    Em x

  9. I would die to live there!! So gorgeous!

  10. Wow! I want to dive into these pictures! so beautiful!
    your blog is so lovely!



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