Big Jet Plane ~ Angus Stone

I recently bought a pair of short cowboy boots. I love them. My favourite is them paired with a lace dress & a bright simple necklace. As I live in the countryside I find that they feel & look 10x better. I love how they can be casually paired with jeans, blouse & blazer & still look effortlessly chic! They are my new favourite summer purchase.

Is everyone enjoying the heatwave?


  1. I love these! Nothing better than boots with a summer dress.

  2. Nice outfits! Would you like follow each other?

  3. This kind of boots are very versatile, you made a good purchase ;)

  4. Nice choice! Nothing better than boots or wellies with a pretty dress :)

  5. Super cute...a good pair of boots is always important!

  6. .... I have just been browsing older posts and suddenly starting laughing-at myself! All this time I have been saying your blog like 'sooffles' instead of soufflays. Eventhough I know exactly how to say the word souffle!

    Oops. Silly Charlotte.

    Still loving your blog after all this time lovely!


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