Supersoaker ~ Kings of Leon

Absolutely nothing has been going on over here. Considering it's the summer holidays & I don't go back to working in schools til September, I have done nothing but work evenings. It's really no fun being a grown up ;( 

I haven't got any holidays lined up with friends but at least I do have the one luxury that is V Festival next. I cannot wait!

Meanwhile, I bought this pretty blue dress from ASOS the other day & have been putting together little outfits & how I could wear it. I can't get enough of that blue colour! So here's a little set on some things from ASOS that I would pair with it.

*This is not a sponsored post*


  1. ohh nice things, especially the sandals and dress :) x

  2. Love the dress and your blog is so cute! Thanks for the comment. Its great finding new blogs you enjoy.


  3. I love the sandals in the photo! The detail is so pretty! xx

  4. love your blog hun! just followed you on blogger, bloglovin and insta! keep in touch lovely xx

  5. The blue dress is gorgeous, as are the sandals. I'm jealous you're going to V Festival, something to look forward to!

  6. Great post, Thanks for sharing!:)

    You have a lovely blog!<3

    Please visit my blog..

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

  7. The pretty blue dress is so perfect for you. You look amazing. I also love the sandals.

    armani ar5905


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