A New Blog

So a couple of months ago, my blog of nearly two years,vanished without a trace, some nonsense about DNS & CNAME codes expiring. I bought the domain through google & something went wrong whilst trying to renew it. 

It's safe to say I was devastated, more than that really. A whole year of documenting my thoughts, outings, & wishes gone.
I couldn't quite believe it. I used my blog as a scrapbook. Pictures, memories, diary entries, inspirations & communications all gone. Never to be seen again. I was heartbroken. I was hoping to grow older & be able to look back at old entries & reminisce but that was no longer an option. After about two months of moping I finally came to realize that as unhappy as I was about the situation, it was time to move on. 
I bought my domain back, have a spanking new layout, & I'm just trying to think positive. 

So ever the optimist I'm starting again & just trying to think of it as a new notebook. A new, crisp clean page to start fresh.

I can't wait to start finding new & old blogs/readers to start again with! 

Wish me luck!



  1. How Frustrating! Welp! I am glad I found your new blog.

  2. I'm so sorry that happened! I can't begin to imagine going through that. But you're right- with the new season brings new change, and this avid reader is excited to continue following! Have a wonderful week. xo

  3. So sad!! Well done for getting back on it :) Looking forward to following your posts.

    Lucy xo | www.we-resolve.com

  4. oh my goodness. I'm so sorry! Can't wait to see more!

  5. I can't imagine how horrible that must feel. About a year ago my employer requested I delete my blog and I was in such a rage that I did it and before I knew it, the three months had passed and Blogger had permenantly deleted it. I was so frustrated with myself for not saving my posts on my computer first. I felt as though I'd lost a period of my life.

    Good luck with the new start.

    Anna x

  6. Hello, nice to meet you, hope enjoy of you new blog :)
    If you want we can follow each other on fb :)

  7. OMG! I cant believe it! Im so sorry!!! :(
    Really hope u enjoy your new old blog !



  8. Oh noo!

    That's such a shame.

    I've just started up too , but already I can't imagine losing it :(

    I look forward to reading this though!

    Hmm maybe...

  9. Oh nooo! How frustrating, I'm so sorry! But I'll definitely look forward to your new posts :)


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