Sunday Morning

So I finally had my day off, It's really unfair as I get one day off a week from college & work & it just happens to fall on a sunday, which is just great because everything is closed.

As I live in a very rural area there isn't much to do anyway so me & M thought we would pop over to our local national Trust Castle to see if the gardens were open as the sun was shining. The castle is called Powis castle & it's my favourite, M is french & had never been to any National Trust places before so I thought I'd bring him here. Fortunately the castle was open as they're showing the place off before it closes for the winter season. 

It's such a beautiful place. I wish I could have taken more photo's inside but the mean old volunteers go crazy when they see a phone or a camera out because flashes can ruin the old paintings so I managed to sneak just a few.

The gardens are so beautiful They are taken care of everyday & the statues are gorgeous & the flowers are my favourites. M had to drag me away from them as I was taking to long.

The castle looks so gothic in black & white, I felt like I was re-reading Northanger Abbey.

Unfortunately my cameras on the blink so I have to make do with my Iphone. 

I hope everyone else is having a good weekend.


  1. Such a beautiful place! Looks like a fairytale :)!


  2. Wow!!! What a beautiful place!!! Love all the flower pics, and the grounds were stunning!


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