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Personally I love sharing what I had for Christmas. Yes, I'm one of those people that like to show off whether it's a Prada Saffiano (haha in my dreams *cries*) or just a bottle of nail polish that costs a pound. If I've been coveting something for far too long & finally receive it then I do like to photograph it(if it's pretty) & blog it. As this blog is my form of a diary I love documenting things like this so I thought I would state that before I carried on as I found after Christmas a lot of bloggers were apologising for putting photos of their gifts on their blog (or simply not blogging about them at all) because they don't want others to think they are spoilt. 

This is my space so I just like to post what I like so here goes!

Matt & I are moving into a new flat THIS WEEK! Eep! So we had to keep the spending to a minimum this Christmas as we need to make grown up choices like budgeting for rent, moving vans, food etc. (I hate being a grown up btw), but I was very naughty & saved my pennies on the side for an ipad for Mat as it's all I have heard day in, day out since last Christmas. I gave him my little wishlist of these beauties below: 

I saw this in the shop Parfois (which I have never heard of before) whilst wandering around the airport in august when we went to Ireland. I saw it & instantly fell in love with it, the colour the shape, but after having a short break in Ireland (*ahem* drinking every night in Temple bar isn't cheap..) I weighed that I didn't need it & moved on. But I have thought about it ever since & he kindly remembered & got it for Christmas. The cutie.

I saw this awhile ago in Urban Outfitters but was in a rush & once again was trying to save my pennies so I didn't buy it, but I left the shop still thinking about it & was very intrigued. I cannot wait to start reading this one!

I had seen this book floating around the blogging world & of course on Pinterest. I asked for it as I fell in love with this book Parisian Chic by Ines De La Fressange & thought it might be similar. I didn't enjoy this book as much as I thought I would, I think I was a bit spoilt with Parisian Chic as it offered so much! But I found How to be Parisian everywhere a bit boring & just full of mantras to repeat & how to keep a boyfriend & a lover?It's an okay read but you will forget it by Monday. Though it might make a nice coffee table book & it is one more to my collection of Parisian books.

I have been interested in this product for a while now & I couldn't wait to plaster it on before bed in Christmas. & it may be all in my mind after having read so many glowing reviews (literally) but I found my skin was so smooth the morning after! I can't wait to use it more.

So they were my lovely little gifts this year. I also treated myself to a new Iphone the Saturday before Christmas as I needed one so bad ( I broke mine in March!! & had to wait for the contract to end before buying a new one). So that was a nice treat. We also asked our families for some vouchers for Ikea so we could kit our new flat out in some nice new things. So watch out for us Ikea! We're coming on Saturday!

What did you lovely lot get for Christmas this year? 

Rose & Muse 


Christmas 2014

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Merry Christmas! 

I'm currently vegged out on the sofa (might be something to do with eating too many chocolate liquers oops!) whilst watching the Grinch & sipping Prosecco. 

I am full of Christmas dinner & am enjoying my gifts & the company of my little family.

I hope everyone has had a lovely day wherever you are & whatever you celebrate!

Happy Holidays 

Rose & Muse 


A few weeks ago my boyfriend Matt & I stopped off in Chester. We stayed at the hotel Abode right next to Chester Race Course. It's a beautifully modern hotel which also doubles as offices, apartments, & a bar & restaurant by Michael Caine. 

When we got to the hotel, freezing our hands off whilst checking in, we were asked, as we had stayed before if we wanted to upgrade for a small price to one of the suites. As it's Christmas we decided to say yes & treat ourselves.




After getting our key cards (& getting locked in a corridor because we didn't know we needed the key cards to get through all the corridors to the room!), we got into the elevator which whooshed us up to the very top of the Hotel to the Fabulous on Sixth suites part of the Andrew Brownsword hotels.






I even took a selfie in my excitement.

Fight thanh

As I have mentioned here, I LOVE these coffee makers! Nespresso's are the best coffee makers to wake up to. 



Another selfie! I think it was the sheer excitement of the big bathroom!


Our view looked out onto the courtyard of the hotel & in the distance, was Chester Race Course all done up ready for Winter Wonderland! Well, after seeing this we raced downstairs to the lobby to see if was open. 

Third gb

Luckily it was! Only for one night though as this was at the end of November. We practically had the place to ourselves!







We even had the ice rink to ourselves. I am awful at Ice skating. Being the control freak I am I hate not having control over my feet & fell on my bum at every chance. Matt on the other hand is a pro. It was his first time on the ice & he was amazing. I'm not jealous at all. I'm really not...

Ffau future

I'm not joking when I said I was bad.. I couldn't even skate with the penguin...



After falling over, Matt being breathless after laughing at me so much, we decided on mulled wine & hot food. Well, do churros & hot chocolate count?


Is anyone else any good at ice skating?

Rose & Muse

Gift Guide:: For Him 2014

Gifts for him

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

As mentioned in my previous post I do usually like to get something a little personal for people but with things such as a secret santa I do find gift guides a heaven send! This year I got my boyfriend (I hope he doesn't read my blog) an ipad, as I got it in a sale & he has been moaning forever, but I also need the small walkie talkie's above, he's so immature he would actually use them.

What are you all getting the gent's in your life this xmas?

Rose & Muse

Gift Guide 2014: For Her

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

If I'm totally honest I don't usually use gift guides. I pride myself as a person who always gets "The good gifts". I always take note of what someone wants by checking out wishlists & asking others around then what that person has been coveting. I find it really impersonal to just buy something off the shelf for a friend, but that's just me. I usually go to Etsy & grab something that relates to an inside joke just to make it a little more sentimental & personal.

Although this year I scoured every gift guide I could find as I had a secret santa from work to buy for & I was stumped. She was older than me, a mother, & disliked girly things & I hardly knew her. It was hard. This is when I turn to gift guides. I usually opt for ASOS for things like this as you can find a mixture of funny & unusual things for some one.

These are my picks for this year.

Is everyone wrapped & ready?

Rose & Muse


Playlist:: Christmas 2014

At Christmas I really don't need that much to encourage my Christmas spirit but I do need to listen to these songs. On repeat. From the 1st to the 25th. 

These songs are my favorite & honestly make me a little nostalgic of the school Christmas discos I used love when I was a wee girl in the 90's. 

So I thought I would share the ones that instantly make it Christmas for me!

{Image source}

What are your favourites?

Rose & Muse


DIY:: Wrapping Paper

Twenty days until Christmas! 
I know that this is not news but I need to get myself into gear. 

I still have one or two more presents to buy & then I'm done for shopping. This year I thought I would have a go at being a bit creative & as I'm on a budget I'll use what I have to hand instead of spending pennies on overpriced wrapping paper. So I spent 50p on a roll of brown parcel paper & made my own.

I used:

White ink
A paintbrush
Pretty stamps
Parcel string

I thought it might be a bit time consuming & boring but I had more fun than expected whilst doing it. Also it was strangely satisfying to see how good I was at stamping haha!

I think for the rest of the presents I will add some holly or mistletoe to make it a tad more festive.

What do you think?

Rose & Muse


Rotating Favourites :: 2

& here we are! As promised, the second installment of my Rotating Favourites.

Number l.

The Cherry Blossom Girl is probably the first fashion blog I ever found. I fell in love with Alix's pastel hued photos & her stunning Parisian style! Her photography has now evolved into beautiful editorials that look fresh out of a French chic magazine & her travel photos will leave you green with envy.

Number 2.

I recently found Jen's blog through clicking links & I adore her content. I love her post's on blog help & being productive.

Number 3.

Isobels blog has fascinated me for years now. I couldn't believe someone so young (at the time) had such a good relationship with fashion & style, & a few years on is no exception! Isobel's blog is a place of creativity & fashion & fuses her creations into her ootd.

Number 4.

Hannah's blog is a beautiful little find, full of vintage treasures & charity shop bargains that come together with on her blog with her fantastic styling skills!

Number 5.

Tatty boots is one of the first arty blogs I followed. I was drawn to Katy's charity shop finds & her lovely style but her drawings & water colours are my favourites! 

Number 6.

Cupcakes & Cashmere was probably one of the first blogs I ever found. I liked Emily's outfit photo's but loved her interior tips the best. Her blog is so aesthetically pleasing & full of cute concepts & good food. Plus I can't wait for her baby to come & join the blog! 

More soon! 
Do you enjoy these posts? Do you have any recomendations?

Rose & Muse


A Mother's Art

My mother has dabbled in art for as long as I can remember. Whenever I see a paint palette, brushes, glue, fabric scraps I always feel a sense of comfort as these things were always dotted around my house when I was little.

My mother's work has evolved so much over the years, going from altered art to watercolour painting, to assemblage art & mixed media, I have loved watching her progress & so I was delighted when she finally had an exhibition this summer.

Here's a little sneak peek of how her exhibition "Nothing But A House" turned out.

I love how my mother adds vintage peices & stories into her art all with a paint brush & a needle & thread.

If you would like to see more of her work you can find her Etsy shop Here, & her Blog here.

Rose & Muse