Five Things

{Activity Planning for the children}

So my new years resolutions haven't really kicked in yet! But I have a good excuse. I started my new job at a special needs & learning difficulties school & it'safe to say I am exhausted. Pushing wheelchairs, walkers, & beds around all day, trying to stop screaming children from hitting you or pulling your hair can be quite tiring & bloody hell does it put your life into perspective! I love it though, at the end of the day I feel completely bummed out but my job just feels so rewarding! But it's nice to have some pretty things to come home to! 

{My new Layla Frends Headphones}

{Very much needed new Iphone}

{Raw Diamond Earrings from the boy}

{New stock for the shop}

Hope everyone else is keeping warm in this FREEZING weather!

Satin & Souffles


Happy New Year Folks

Happy New Year Everyone!

Better late than never!

I hope everyone had an excellent christmas & a sparkly new year!

Well better than mine anyway!  Mine both started as a series of christmassy unfortunate events.

Me & the boy decided to stay at a hotel this year & splash out! It was a lovely hotel but was the first time I have ever been away from home for christmas which was a bit strange & a bit un-christmassy to me, as I love to eat my weight in quality streets & watch Home Alone with the family all day.

We got there & our room wasn't christmassy at all except for the big pile of presents be brought for each other & stockings off the parents!

 It all went down hill on the 23rd when we set off as all the trains we needed were delayed then cancelled due to flooding. We were about to give up after our 5th train had been cancelled when a train finally arrived at the platform. I really just wanted to kiss the train driver for turning up by then!

But the worst part hit us christmas Eve. I still feel really bad. I forgot. I didn't confirm the table at our restaurant so, painfully, we had no where to go for christmas dinner. The boy still hasn't forgiven me properly. He is a Michelin Star chef  so to say he is a food snob is not an exaggeration, though he does now see the funny side of us eating room service Fish & Chips for our Christmas dinner. Thankfully we did have a good few bottles of champagne to celebrate! & at least it will be a funny memory to look back on next year whilst we have a FEAST. I am determined.

For New Years, I worked. I can't remember the last time I had a good party but I am determined next year.

I have even made a few new year resolutions (which I never do!)

My first one is:

Eat healthy

I know. How cliche. But this is a new one for me as I never make resolutions & as I am a vegetarian, I find it very easy not to eat vegetables, & opt for a bag of crisps or pizza or chips. So I have bought a blender. A pretty good bargain actually if you click through to the link. It's a blender, juicer, grinder, & smoothie maker all in one. So I am really excited to start making healthy juices & smoothies! I am also going to set myself a meal plan so I don't start eating bags & bags of crisps again haha!

My second is:

Blog More

Lately blogging has been pretty hard. I work in a school from 7 til 5 then start work at 6 til 11 on weekdays & I work all day saturday & I finally have my day off on sunday. This makes it hard to blog as I don't want to spend my only day off glued to the screen. I want to be out doing something getting fresh air & far away from work as I can. I have just ordered wifi for the house too so I can't wait til that is uo & running as it will make my life 10x easier. Moving into your own house is hard guys, why didn't they tell us this at school?

I have also decided to be a bit more personal on this blog as I find I am always doing a post then I write a few words then publish but I really want this blog to be somehwere fun & welcoming.

I have also got some projects lined which will start next week! I am actually quite excited as I've never done any blog projects before. 

Also, cue drum roll, I have finally bought a new camera! TA-DA! It's nothing too fancy but I am in desperate need of something to take photos with as every bit of technology I have is failing on me right now so, hopefully it will be here tomorrow!

Well, I have rambled on for far too long now! I shall take my leave.

Once again I hope every one had a lovely festive season & holidays to those who don't celebrate!