Five Things

{Activity Planning for the children}

So my new years resolutions haven't really kicked in yet! But I have a good excuse. I started my new job at a special needs & learning difficulties school & it'safe to say I am exhausted. Pushing wheelchairs, walkers, & beds around all day, trying to stop screaming children from hitting you or pulling your hair can be quite tiring & bloody hell does it put your life into perspective! I love it though, at the end of the day I feel completely bummed out but my job just feels so rewarding! But it's nice to have some pretty things to come home to! 

{My new Layla Frends Headphones}

{Very much needed new Iphone}

{Raw Diamond Earrings from the boy}

{New stock for the shop}

Hope everyone else is keeping warm in this FREEZING weather!

Satin & Souffles


  1. Your job does sound like it could be really hard at times, but so worth it because of how rewarding it is. I love all of your photos, your earrings are just gorgeous! Even your headphones look chic :) xxx

  2. Loving those raw diamond earrings! Good luck with your new job!

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  3. Those headphones! Anyway, great hearing you love your rewarding job - leave those resos on hold, you're doing a great job!!


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