First Post

I have decided to make a brand spanking new blog. I feel my old blog was just turning into something that wasn't me anymore & so I have made a fresh start & will be posting every two days about things that inspire me, catch my eye, or just what happened in my day! 

I thought I'd start my new blog off with some of my mother dearest' arty pebbles. My mother Tina {check out her Art blog here}, has made artwork since I was little & I adore it. Using some thin printed crepe paper & glue she just put them together, easy-peasy. They remind me something you would find in Anthropologie or Free people to decorate a coffee table. 

I think these three are my favourite! 

Hope you will enjoy my little slice of the internet & visit again!



  1. can't wait to read your future posts :) x

  2. Hey Nicole! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Aren't these just divine? They're so pretty. Lovely blog as well! :)
    I think you've gained a follower!

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  3. Such a lovely way to open this new blog, with a tribute to your mum's art :) They're really adorable ones too, and I think I've tried something similar myself. My project just was a glass vase and I used napkins, to make a gift to a friend from school. :)

    x Satu
    Indie by heart

  4. I hope you're happier here than you were with your old one :)

    These are gorgeous, how did your mum get into doing these?

    Hmm maybe...

  5. these are so pretty! welcome back :) x
    The Frill Seeker

  6. Looking forward to your future posts! I don't think your bloglovin' link is working at the moment, so I can't follow you :( xo

  7. these are really pretty:-) and yay for fresh starts! xx

  8. oh, and just to let you know, i've nominated you for the liebster award if you fancy doing it! ( xx

  9. I've just done the SAME THING! haha. I wanted to start fresh! Well, cheers to you on your new internet journey!

    I'll follow on GFC to support, I'd love if you could do the same!


  10. Your mum is super talented! Mamma J is teaching me how to sew at the moment, I have dreams of customising basically EVERYTHING I own! So glad I clicked on xx


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