March Wishlist

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Someone feeling generous? ;)

Rose & Muse 


My little bit of OCD

On Sunday the boy took me to Birmingham for a belated Valentines dinner as we both had to work. I have never been before & I loved it! For shopping it is perfect! I will hopefully be popping back next month for a wee shopping spree! 

Unfortunately my camera lead has gone walk abouts again so I will have to share my photos another time. However he did treat me to a little present in Paperchase at Selfridges.

Okay so I do not have OCD but I have this weird need to make lists. I make checklists for every single thing I do. I am useless at keeping planners & diaries to write things down in but I keep a note book on me for my list writing at all times. I find that seeing it all written down in a column just helps me to get a little bit organised. 

Well enough about me & my habits, the boy bought me the ultimate listmaker book. It has sticky tabs, post it notes, a checklist, & a notepad. Hello my idea of list making ocd heaven!? & just to top it all off it's got a pretty floral pattern. 

I now have a place to keep all my notes & don't have him  moaning at me for leaving scraps of paper all over the place, plus it's small enough to take everywhere in my bag! 

Anyone else have this problem? Nope? Just me 

Rose & Muse


Bar Taps

 I am a huge lover of vintage things.  I have collected junk, antiques, vintage bits & bobs since I was a child & "one mans tat was another mans treasure" was my motto. 

So it's not really a suprise that I'm in my twenties & have a small vintage shop & a little Etsy on the side so I sell all my little trinkets & wares that I have collected over the years. See my link on the side to visit. 

The other days my parents came across these vintage bar taps & I fell head over heels! With drinks such as consowine, cream soda, & sarsaparilla they make me think of saloons in the deserts haha! I love that the faces are worn & a little cracked & adore the way they are framed in the metal.

I have no idea what to do with them at the moment. The problem with selling vintage treasure is that I can never decide whether to sell or keep them forever. It's a hard life!

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