Lately #1

Lately I feel like I have no time for anything, & when I have a spare hour to myself I just can't be bothered to do anything. Hopefully I will be getting out of this grump & doing something fun! I think I need it! 

Rainbow Cake I made for the children at work.


 A few cocktails at the weekend.

My chef boyfriend's Creme Brulee ;)

Yummy Antipasti at a new Italian restaurant down the road.

My favourite recent buy from Topshop, these gorgeous simple earrings.

My gorgeous fat cat Arnold.

New things for my Etsy Shop.

The most amazing Milkshake at work

A nice sunny walk at Shrewsbury Castle.

A calming effect seeing my mothers arty bits lying around the house.
I am in need of a new laptop & a new phone. Hopefully I will be able to upgrade my technology & get out of this slump. Hopefully it will make me a better blog ;)

Rose & Muse