A little vintage never hurt no one

So I am a hoarder of vintage things. I hoard anything that catches my eye. I have a fascination of anything old, I always have & always will.

I remember my passion for old things started when I was about 5. I had just started school & I remember having an 'Olden Days' corner filled with clothes & objects ranging from the victorian age to the 60's. I loved it the old fashioned toys, the dresses, the old irons, everything. I was amazed. Ever since I have always had a weird appreciation for vintage & 
retro things. 

I now am currently setting up my own vintage online clothes store (view here), which will be titled Rose&Muse Vintage, but I am nowhere near ready to open it just yet, just a few loose ends to tie. 

So naturally, to make a vintage clothes shop work you gotta' visit vintage clothes shops. & boy do I love it. I could spend all day in one. Today happened to be Pepper Lane Vintage which is about an hour away from me in a place called Ludlow. It's a beautiful house, filled with winding stairs at every corner, rooms filled to the brink with treasure suited to all individuals. You could get lost there for hours. I do to my boyfriends annoyance. 

This time I decided to snap some photo's to share.

There are counters filled with all kinds of accessories, hats, scarves, & gorgeous old handbag from nearly every era.

They also have a beautiful range of Kimono's, I hate having to budget & not buy one.

I loved these Agent Provocateur pumps, not my kinda thing but I still loved them.

I told you it was beautiful! 

You can check out the Pepper Lane Vintage Blog here to see all their amazing finds!



Fumo, Birmingham

A couple of weeks ago the boy whisked me away to Birmingham. I have never been before & so he decided to treat me to a hotel, dinner & some shopping. I have only just had my camera & I am still figuring it out so alas I keep forgetting about it, so I only have a very few snap shots of the food, sadly no hotel or our shenanigans. Bad blogger I know!

Our boss had mentioned a restaurant called Fumo to Matt & so here we decided to go. I didn't look into where we were going just that I was excited & hungry, & with a name like Fumo I actually thought I was going for a night of Sake & Sushi. It turned out to be an Italian restaurant & me finding out that I have zero language knowledge & a laughing boyfriend.

We were swept inside by the welcoming & stereotypically beautiful italian staff to a secluded table by a window that over looks the high street. I also spent pretty much the whole night explaining to Matt that I loved the bag in the window of Louis Vuitton. I just got a laugh back. 

We started on some Prosecco & sipped the bubbles until a beautiful, chisled italian waiter came to take our order. He explained that Fumo was best served as a Tapas & so to choose around 5 to 8 dishes, so we started on the menu deciding what we wanted & we must have completely misunderstood  him as we tried to order 5 to 8 dishes each! He had to tell us to calm down after we tried to order around 14 dishes & explained that that it would not all fit on our little table for two! Oops.

We chose the steak of tuna marinated in capers & sweet onion,

stuffed pizza breads with buffalo mozerella & prosciutto.

Chargrilled artichoke pizza base with vegetables &  buffalo mozerella.

Plain cheese & tomato pizza base.

Lasagne al Forno, layers of pasta with slow cooked beef ragu & Gnocchi Gorgonzola in a baked parmesan basket.

After finishing our tapas, we decided to move on to a section of the fumo desserts that included raspberry panacotta, tiramisu, chocolate gateaux, lemon cheesecake.

We managed to clear up the whole platter, which is more than I can say for the other Tapas that we sadly could not finish (it's a good job the waiter stopped us).

After desserts we wandered over to the bar & got chatting to the barman, he was hilarious & informative & highly recommended the above cocktails which were my favourite of the night. Strawberry & basil cocktail. 

We then witnessed some flaming guiness shots which are made of Disaranno, Baileys, & sambuca. We were amazed by this & asked to try them & so the barman gave us a few for free. Top bar man.

It's safe to say that Matt was a little tipsy towards the end.

Rose & Muse