DIY: Gold Striped Vase

A while ago now I saw a pretty cool diy on wait for it... Pinterest of course! 
I had had an obsession on anything gold & loved this tutorial on a gold sprayed vase.

In a nutshell, I live in a staff house, & I am trying to make it as pretty & homely as I can without spending too much money on it. So this DIY was cute little concept that I thought I would take on.

A glass vase. I got mine for £4 from Tesco. Masking tape, & Rustoleum Metallic Gold Spray.


1. Using the masking tape, securely wrap it around the vase in the pattern you wish.

tip: Double check that the tape going around the vase in level & doesn't go wonky.

2. Once you have your desired pattern, go over the tape again & make sure that the tape is sticking to the vase & there are no bubble pockets as the spray will run down into the taped off area.

3. It is best to spray the vase outside as you can get more air & it will also dry faster.
I put newspapers down on my patio & sprayed my vase.

tip: wear old clothes & this spray finds its way onto your skin & clothes fast!

4. Stand a bit back from the vase & spray. Once you have sprayed it in the desired places, it is best to leave for a minute or two to dry then repeat until you get your desired results.

tip: Do not stand too close to vase & spray as this will not spray/spread evenly & will leak down the vase & cause lumps & textures on desired surface.

5. When vase is dry & you are satisfied with the outcome, slowly peel off the tape & Voila! your vase is ready.

tip: You made need scissors or a knife to help cut the tape as it is extra sticky, be careful as the blades may come into contact with the new spray & scrape it off. Also slowly peel back the tape as pulling it too fast may take off parts of the spray in the vase.  

I loved the outcome of my vase & my boyfriend actually praised my artistic skills haha! 

I am now finding new diys & ideas to use the rest of my gold spray! 
Any ideas anyone? 

Rose & Muse


  1. This is so cool!! I'm so rubbish at anything that requires you to absolutely have NO bubble pockets whatsoever, but I'm seriously tempted to give it a go! Although I don't have any flowers... is it seriously lame to buy yourself flowers?!

    Imogen // imogenscribbles

  2. Looks so great!

  3. This is so simple, but the outcome is amazing. It looks so great for how easy it was to do! I'm sure I'd find a way to mess it up. Lol!


  4. This is very cool! And do try out the EOS hand cream its so good and smells lovely :)

    xoxo, S
    check out my personal blog ♡

  5. The result is so gorgeous! :)

  6. Really lovely idea, I love the result! Especially that it isn't entirely painted but with two large blocks ;)

  7. Ahh that turned out so well! I just moved to a new place and am starting to redecorate, so I might just have to try this out.

  8. wow really nice!

    x Maria
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    featuring the perfect high waist shorts

  9. Lovely blog - new follower here, would love if you could check out mine if you get the time :) x

  10. this is a great idea! I'm a spray paint junkie lol I spray paint everything!!



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