Packing for Amsterdam

I'm not going til the end of July but I need to have some kind of POA plus I want to be organised as I am so excited! Hello first holiday in two years!

As it's Amsterdam & not a paradise island I will just be going for casual wear, maybe a fancy going out top if we end up going to the Ice Bar ;)

Here is some outfits I have put together on Polyvore. Check out my organisation skills!

Day 1

We will be going all out in tourist mode going to art galleries & museums so I want to be comfortable, so the loafers had to come in somewhere.

Day 2


We decided that we are going to rent bikes being the granny, I decided to make a note & wear sensible shoes. I chose Toms aha.

Day 3 


I will not want to leave I bet! On day three my white top will probably be covered in chocolate from all the waffles I will have eaten! 

Any one have any travel tips about Amsterdam? I would love to here them! 

Rose & Muse


Gift Guide: Father's Day

Father's day is almost here! 

& as a piece of paper with pasta stuck to it made in school will no longer suffice, I have to shower him in goodies. Here is a little collection I grabbed for my dad. I grab stuff well in advance so I don't forget (oops), They are all wrapped & ready to travel with me to see him on Sunday. 

Hope you spoil your papas too!

Rose & Muse