The Venice of the North


I truly am going, & I couldn't be more excited!

At the end of July I actually get four days off work. This is unspeakable. My job practically never closes for a holiday! 

So as soon as I got the news my boyfriend & I & our two room mates got planning. We all decided Amsterdam as somewhere sunny would be too heartbreaking to leave after just four days. 

My room mate Ben & I have been before & I can safely say it is such a beautiful place. The architecture, the pastries, the sights. I cannot wait. 

We have booked our flights which were relatively cheap returns & booked a pretty little "Ikea like" apartment in the Jordaan district.

The last time I went I stayed in a hostel & it was winter. It was fun but this time I want to experience warm weather & a private bathroom!

We have started day planning (One can't be too organised, as the tourist attractions can have hour long queues out there!)

Day one:

Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Anne Franks Huis,

Day two:

Artis Royal Zoo, Vondel Park, The Royal Palace, Oude Kerk, 

Day three:

Museum Van Loon, The Hash Museum, The Sex Museum (I have been overruled by three boys wah.) They are sure to be interesting haha.

I am so excited it's all I think about & rave to everyone about at the moment. 

Rose & Muse 


  1. So great you'll be able to have a little getaway :) I have never been to Amsterdam before but many times to Maastricht which I love! The Netherlands are really lovely and I really like the people and the language ;)


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