BC Vintage

The other day I visited the little town of Bishops Castle. It's a pretty little place, a bit sparse but has a few interesting shops to get by. I spent awhile looking for the castle, but there isn't one... I don't know why I took the name so literal as Bishops don't even live in castles but there we go.

I stumbled upon a little vintage shop. It was a little small but I adore any place that is filled to the brim with bric a brac, retro things, vintage, junk, whatever you like to call it, I love it. I am always on the hunt for something special & unique.

I fell in love with the pink quilted jacket above^

This did make me giggle ^ Always so immature...

Unfortunately I am on a very strict budget at the moment so alas I could not spend my pennies, but I promise I will share whatever I buy next time!

Rose & muse


  1. What an incredibly lovely shop! For a moment the title of this post really got my hopes up, as I live in the Canadian province of British Columbia, aka BC, and I thought that perhaps it was about a shop (or multiple shops there). No worries at all, it's great to know of a place this sublime should I ever be in that lovely corner of the UK (I do so hope to explore the UK one day and to vintage shop from top to bottom, so it could happen).

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Seems like such a lovely day out, love the pictures xx

  3. This place looks cute! It'd definitely be fun to browse through.

  4. The quilted pink jacket looks indeed gorgeous! Gotta love vintage finds like these :)

  5. Me to ! I love those types of places! so fun!


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