Bishops Castle

 The other day I took another trip down the road to a little town called Bishops castle, a small little village with a few little shops situated up the high street pictured below.

As soon as I got there I found some yarn bombing! Which I have only ever seen on Pinterest, & I have to admit is so cool!

I came across a little deli.

& this beautiful little shop full of the most gorgeous fabrics!

I have my eye on some Tibetan necklaces & kiln blankets! 

Rose & Muse 



  1. That yarn bombing looks incredible!
    Lovely post as usual! Looks like you had a great day!
    Also, I just nominated you for the liebster award! If you want, go check it out on my blog! :D

  2. You are amazing at photography. Holy cow.
    Also, i've never heard of yarn bombing! That looks so cool! Do people make things out of yarn that represent actual things? That's awesome!
    And by the way, I've nominated you for the Liebster blog award back at my blog! Hope you decide to check it out!

  3. These photo's are gorgeous! I am making it my vow to see more of our little island this year! Although it is going to be winter by the time I get round to doing it! Stephie from Tea in Your Twenties x

  4. Great photos!

  5. the place is beautiful I love those little shops as well!
    great post x


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