Crabwall Manor

* First of all apologies for the photos. I am working to get this fixed *

A couple of weeks back Matt treated me to a quick weekend away in Chester. We always find ourselves gravitating towards Chester as it is the nearest place for a bit of shopping & get over our quiet countryside blues. 

We looked at, looked for a hotel with a spa & hopped on the next train. Unfortunately my camera had a bit of a meltdown so I wasn't able to take to many photos :( 

But aside from that we had a great time. We stayed at a hotel called Crabwall Manor which is a historic building that has just undergone refurbishment & is just outside the city center. 

We checked in & as usual ran off to see what our room looked like. 

We weren't disappointed. A big spacious room with a squishy bed & a comfortable sized bathroom.

We dropped off our luggage & decided we were hungry & left the room to explore & find the restaurant as our tummies were starting to rumble.

We found the restaurant & then got told off... as we were late coming down at half 8....

we were told we had to eat in the bar by a grumpy waiter, until a manager stopped by & realised we were pouting. After enquiring why we weren't sat in the restaurant & us telling her the situation she happily directed us to one of the many free table in the restaurant & offered us a wine list.

I chose a tuna steak to start,

& he had the sea bass.

For the main he had lamb on a bed of Moroccan cous-cous,

& I had Cajun Salmon.

As I mentioned previously my camera was being stubborn & decided to not work for me. So the bad news is I have no photos of our trip in Chester *sobs* 

We had dinner at the hotel again the next night, deciding that after we had a swim in the pool, we would have some food at the restaurant & then head back out into the city centre to grab some cocktails. We arrived at half 7 & were scolded by the same grumpy waiter from the night before that were too early, even though we were booked in for twenty five past.. We just couldn't win.

After having to wait in the bar again, we were then lead to a table where this time we were offered bread & dipping oils. Oh the perks of being early.

He ordered the duck terrine 

& I had the tempura bass.

For mains I had cod & chips (as I am so "fancy" according to Matt hmph)

& he had rabbit wrapped in bacon with a swede mash.

For afters we treated ourselves to a chocolate fudge brownie

& sticky toffee pudding. That Matt didn't share.

Alas I am not very good at reviewing food as I will eat anything. Next time I will take notes from Matt as he is the Michelin Star chef & a bit of a food snob. So I will take notes next time for the foodies out there!

Overall we had a great stay aside from grumpy waiter & my camera! Next time I will take a back up camera & share the love! The rooms were a nice size but as always the sauna & steam room were the favourites with us! Crabwall Manor had a wonderful pool, spa, gym & whirlpool. I definitely recommend it for a relaxing weekend away!

Hope you are all enjoying the sun! 

Rose & Muse 


  1. now I'm craving for sea bass :9 thanks for sharing!


  2. Everything looks delicious!

  3. oh my goodness, those food pics..I'd love to try all of them!!
    Lazy Obsession

  4. This looks amazing!!

    Ally x


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