The other day I ventured into a shop called Simpsons. I adored it. It was a gorgeous old building filled to the brim with quirky new vintage inspired interior pieces. 

The kiddy corner was amazing.
I'll let the pictures do the talking!

I loved that print^

Need these^

^yes that is gin & tonic flavour bubble bath.

Isn't it a gorgeous little place? Perfect place to shop if you need some quirkiness in your new house ;)

Rose & Muse


  1. This is amazing! I wish I had something like this where I live!I love quirky little pieces like that.
    Lovely post! xo

  2. such a cute shop, so many nicknacks and things to look at.

  3. This is such a cute shop from the pictures I wish we had one in Worcester!! I am alos a very new follower of your blog I hope you could spend a quick minute and have a look at mine and possibly follow also? xx

  4. So many lovely things! I'm sure I've seen those bowls in UO but everything in there is so pricey. I want to get my hands on that bubble bath!

  5. Great photos dear!

  6. I would've went crazy in that place it looks sooo nice and it has so many different things, Vintage!!!!

  7. Really lovely post :) I really like the bath salts and foam, such pretty little jars :) x | Giveaway

  8. That looks like the best place to find little quirky items! My favourite type of stuff! Also, I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Find out some info here

  9. Wow I would definitely want to shop there :D

  10. This is SO cute! It's exactly the type of place I like to shop to look for quirky gifts.

    Sam @inbetweendaysblog


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