To do list: Summer

I love making lists. I usually never get anything done on them but I love the satisfaction of seeing everything written down, is that strange?

 I have just left a job which practically dominated me & I had no spare time to do anything, only getting a sunday off is pretty hard when you're a blogger! & living in a small town that is surrounded by fields when you don't even drive is even harder I can tell you now! 

But things had to come to an end. I realised  I wasn't gaining anything from this job only losing everything (free time/will, friends, events, sleep, etc.) So I am so happy to actually start a job soon with regular hours & an actual rota! I can't wait!

Due to all of this I thought I would plan out a little To Do list as I am actually going to have weekends off in summer!!! 

1. Make a summer wardrobe

Full of investment pieces that will last instead of stocking up on Primark sandals that fall apart in a month. 

2. Spend a weekend at a sandy beach

Matt & I rarely have time off together as we work so much & only have a day off together. I really want to spend the weekend at a cosy little bed & breakfast, spending our day in the sea & nights huddled around a beach fire.

3. Hold a cocktail party

 I would love to host a little cocktail party & show off my bar tending skills (Not that fancy, I can't juggle the shakers...)

4. Make a recipe book

My boyfriend Matt is a french chef. He is the sous chef of the Michelin Star Restaurant where we work. He keeps a folder full of scribbled recipes for work, half in english half in french. He told me he needs two, one to keep in work & a nice one for home. So I have decided (as I can type faster) to make him a nice neat folder for work & maybe write down his recipes in a nice big leather recipe book? That way I can keep his Laduree recipes forever! Yum!

5. Sew more

I recently made some handbags for the little girls that I look after & realised how much I missed a good sewing project. I used to sew all the time but when I was in college full time & in work for the rest it's hard to put any enthusiasm or energy into a project! Here's hoping I can do a little DIY!

6. Plan out France Holiday

In August Matt has four days off work & wants to take me to Paris to meet the parents dun dun dunnnn. I can't wait as I love Paris (He hates it) & he's going to show me all the little places that he went to growing up & tell me all his memories. So cute I can't wait.

7. Learn to make alcohol

I really want to learn how to make infused gin or rum to maybe help out in the holidays as gifts? 

8. Read more books

I used to read profusely but have lost interest now as I never have the time. When you get in from work at half 2 in the morning I just want to pass out not read! It's strange going from reading about three books a week to seven a year!!

9. Walk the dog more

I live in a very rural area & as boring as it is I do take it for granted. Rolling hills, lakes, a castles, & rivers all in walking distance & I can always find an excuse to not go outside to walk the dog. This summer I am going to try & walk her at least three times a day on long walks.

10. Plan out next year

I plan on big changes next year. Moving far away from my little town & when I say moving far away I mean it, maybe even a little hop over the english channel... I have to get everything planned out & ready.

Rose & Muse


  1. I absolutely loved this post!
    ooh, meeting the parents is always scary!
    I just absolutely love your blog! I'm glad you'll have more free time :) xx

  2. This is such a good list of ideas! I've also vowed to sew more, though as of yet I haven't had much success. I also really like the recipe book idea - I might give it a go! xxx

  3. This post was so good! I wish I made a summer to-do list and your ideas are great!!


  4. This is such a lovely to-do list, I'm tempted to make my own; at least I might actually achieve half of it then :)

    Sam | Tiny Paint Pot xx

  5. It is so freeing when you leave a job that just takes over your life! I hope you achieve everything on your list!!

    Miss Anna Rebecka

  6. 6 or 7 out of these are on my summer to do list each year :D

  7. love this list I'm glad I've completed some of these things :) xx


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