Wedding Wear

So naturally summer brings a lot of weddings. I have three. Three! So this means I have to scout out new dresses, shoes, accessories etc. as I have the same people going to each wedding so I can't wear the same thing, hmph. Luckily I had an email from Zoe at Victoria Dresses asking if I would like to collaborate. 

Couldn't have had better timing! 

After having a nosey on the online store I picked out a few dresses that I would wear & how I would style them for a wedding this summer.

Victorias dress has a lovely selection of Formal dresses, Evening dresses, Cocktail dresses etc. that even spands onto wedding dresses & bridesmaids wear.

Have a look yourself & pop over to:


  1. Amaizing outfits

  2. Amazing outfit! Your blog is really cool!
    Following you now... feel free to follow back!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love all of these inspirations:)

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  5. Thanks for the ideas! Ill come back here when I'm next going to a wedding, haha :)

  6. Love the last one!
    Lovely post as usual! Good luck at your three weddings :) xx


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