A little haul

At the moment I am on a strict budget but I really needed to get out of my village to a town to do some retail therapy.

I went to Shrewsbury for a few hours & basically studied all the sale racks.

I came away with a lacy Red or Dead jumper, A denim playsuit from Topshop, & a cosy jumper & stripey cami top from H&M.

I then ventured into Paperchase & bought this grey pencil case pouch which I thought would look nice as a new (& much needed) make up bag.

I also bought this map of Paris for the boy which is his home town. It's supposed to be wrapping paper but it will make do as a nice poster as we can't hang frames in our house, darn rentals.

Okay this wasn't a sale purchase but I couldn't deny myself the glittering gold & purples! Even if it is £6 a bottle.

Rose & Muse

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