Amsterdam Day One

So it was finally time for us to leave for Amsterdam.
Well, We tried to leave.

When the time came for us to go it seemed like fate just did not want us to get on that plane.

Our flight departed at 19:55 on Sunday & the gates closed at 18:25, & we waited for our taxi to arrive at 3 o'clock (I blame myself for not checking what time my boyfriend booked the taxi as it takes an hour & twenty minutes to get to the airport!). 

We waited & waited & then at 10 past 3 called the taxi company. Who then told us that we hadn't confirmed the booking!!! 

We were panicked & confused as we had spoke to the company the day before & agreed on 3 o'clock. 

We started to ring every company we could find on Google!

 Here's the hitch though, we live in the middle of nowhere & taxi drivers are not reliable. If you need a lift & call a taxi it's a sure no can do as they are having their dinner.

We managed to find a driver who we thanked profusely as it was his day off & such a short notice to drive all the way to Liverpool!

 What a babe.

We were about 30 minutes away from the airport when we got stuck in the biggest traffic jam I have ever seen due to lanes being closed & no signs explaining. 45 minutes later however we were free!

Until the lanes going directly to the airports were closed & we had to make a detour. Then there was a car crash (nothing serious! Just bashed bumpers!). by now we had wasted another twenty minutes.

& then to top it off as we got to the airport there was another jam due to a breakdown on a junction. I have never been so stressed in my life!

After FINALLY arriving at the airport we threw our money at the taxi driver with our thanks & ran through customs only to hear our names being called over the tannoy declaring that we were very late & delaying our flight.

After running through the airport which I can only describe as something off a movie (read Love Actually) & boarded our plane & avoided everyone's angry glares & mumbles.

After an hour on the flight (I ordered about three glasses of wine to calm down after all the bloody stress!) we finally arrived in Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam! My friend's face in the above photo - hilarious. He hates flying & was sat on his own.

Now the next bit of fun was getting bus after tram after taxi from the airport to finally find our apartment, which I then discovered was not as close to the central as I had hoped. 

We walked & walked until we found it, rang the doorbell & had no answer. We then found out via the people upstairs that we had to go into the central to an agency to pick up the key for the apartment (there was no mention of this on the site).

I was ready for another glass of wine as we had to walk all the way into the central in 30 minutes before the agency closed & we lost our money & the apartment! 

After a race against time we found it & got the keys. It was now midnight & we were starving 
only to find out that everything is basically closed on a Sunday & Monday. 


We then decided to just wander around the streets to get our bearings ready for tomorrow & to find a bar or restaurant still open.

The next day after collapsing in my bed & sleeping away all the stress, I awoke to a room full of grey light. Thinking that my body was waking up to it's usual alarm clock of 7:00 I got up & looked at the clock, to find out it was 11:00. We raced to get ready & ran outside to find...

Rain, thunder, & lighting.We weren't going to let this stop us from exploring as we had already wasted a morning!! & so ran around like headless chickens to find food. We found a  store & packed our bags full of cheese, olives, fresh bread, meats, & wine then left to find the central.

We lasted 10 minutes before the rain turned into a torrential down pour. I have never seen anything like it & I live in Wales! It was so bad that I lost Matt as all I could see in front of me was grey & wet. We were soaking & dripping so no taxi driver would take us. After holding hands & avoiding the roads as we couldn't see we took refuge under a slide in a park to try & focus. We then saw a cab stop at some traffic lights & threw ourselves in before he could deny us & told him our address. He drove around the block & stopped outside our house & charged 10 euros. We must have had mug written all over our faces.

After having a sandwich or two we decided to brave it & go back outside. The rain had gone back to a patter which we didn't mind & felt it was nothing compared to what we had just been through & went for a walk in search of the central in search of hot choclad & coffee. 

We stumbled upon a chocolate shop & I ordered a latte & Matt ordered a Cafe bon bon. Which is a sort of milky/syrupy hot drink, where the more you stir the sweeter it becomes, & once you drink have a sip of water.

We were so tempted to buy one of these bad boys.

Choclad Ipad anyone?

Mmm cheese.

Now I had to introduce Matt to a Febo. 

Febo is a fast food joint where you can order fries & deep fried bratwurst but here's the cool bit. To order your burgers you just put your euro's in the slot & open the windows & you get your food. No waiting. No fuss. My kinda food. Although it's not, as I'm a veggie guh. But I love the concept.

We then found a sweet maker shop.

& a cheese making shop. Look at all the wheels of cheese in the window. 

I would make a joke but that would be too cheesy right? Groans...

We then met up with our friends in a coffee shop. The only reason our friends came, they didn't leave this cafe except to go outside for waffles & to sleep.

Honestly, smoking is not my thing but you just have to try out all the cultures of a place right?

After walking around Dam square for too long we decided on food. & found a little terrace on a bridge & ordered our usual, Wine, cheese, olives, & dutch sausages for Matt.

We sat for a few hours here just taking in the sounds & scenery & reveling at the freedom of not working.

We then decided to go into tourist mode & visit Anne Franks House & the annex. Before booking the holiday I was told to book the tickets for this in advance as the queues are always long but the boys said not to worry we'll get in.

we didn't.

The queue went on for miles winding in & out alleyways backing onto roads right into the center. We decided we would do it next time as we wanted to explore. There's a note to self. 

We then found waffles & walked home getting lost a few more times, showered, napped & went back out to find a bar (where we ended up paying 22 euros for two cokes with ice!!!).

Day two tomorrow! 

P.s Sorry for the ramble! 

Rose & Muse



  1. Amazing photos dear!

  2. Ooh boy sounds like you had a rocky first day! that fast food place is awesome, haha. Wow, the line for Anne Frank house! I visited in winter so there wasn't one. Hopefully the rest of your time was less stressful?

  3. Awesome photos, dear!!!!!
    Amsterdam is an amazing city!!!

    Will you visit my blog sometime??
    Maybe we can keep in touch!!


  4. Argh I went last year, so jealous! (you can see my post here ) it's such a cool place, I basically just took a lot of photos of the weird and wonderful artwork!xx

  5. What a crazy day!! These photos are amazing!

    <3 Shannon

  6. I came back from a short trip to Amsterdam a few days ago- amazing such a charming city! Enjoy your stay!

  7. Amsterdam looks so lovely! I'd love to go there. Seems like you had a great time!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings


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