Amsterdam Day Three

On our last day we actually got up nice & early, to more rain! I finally knew my way around (I was the one who discovered that the boys were taking us all around in circles & made us walk 45 minutes to get to the center & I found a shortcut that got us there in 15 minutes!) We dropped off our keys at the agency & decided to do some last minute touristy things & some wandering. 

But first, breakfast!

I was "good" & had a blueberry crepe,

& Matt a waffle.

We then stumbled upon this shop!

Sadly no photo's are allowed inside! But it was unusual to say the least!

We then booked in to the Ice Bar!

We actually booked this for our first night but it was fully booked for the evening & the next evening! So we had no choice but to do it on our last day at 2:30!

But we did book it via a tourist company for amsterdam where we got about four euros off the price & three free drinks each which I would highly recommend!

First of all I do apologise for the blurry photo's, I was shaking so much, & this was only at the lounge where you wait for the tour to begin.

Our eskimo ponchos^

Yay free drink tokens^

The barman threw a snowball at us...

Please excuse this photo, no hair ties + rain & wind + walking everywhere = this look!

After we finished our drinks we were called to line up, put on our mittens & ponchos & we were told that obviously it was very cold inside.

We all lined up at the bar & got our free drinks that were given to us in cups made of ice, we had Amsterdams favourite beer Heinekin first & then orange juice with a cream flavoured vodka which tasted so good we bought some when we got home!

Note: You will now notice my photos begin to blur more due to frozen hands, my apologies!

I love this photo. I am so cold & ready to leave it was unreal!

After we finished our drinks, me & a new american friend couldn't take it anymore (she was wearing sandals!) & so after 30 minutes we left!

It was definitely a cool experience... I'll stop with the dad jokes soon!

I would highly recommend it as it was a lot of fun but some top tips I would include for next time:

  • Don't wear flats or sandals
  • For the love of god wear a jumper!
  • If you know you are going & want to take photos bring gloves as they supply you with mittens & you have to take them to take photos & then you get frostbite
This advise might seem obvious as you're going to an ice bar but as we found out about it there, we didn't wear jumpers when we went in! I saw one guy come out in flip flops, shorts & a vest!

We then decided to go to the zoo! It's supposed to be a gorgeous place so we thought we would spend an hour or two there but on the way we came across a vintage market.

Matt didn't believe that we found it & thought I was dragging him vintage shopping!

We then went onward to find the zoo! Much to Matts delight!

Past the Synagogue,

& arriving at the zoo!

I ran straight to the butterfly tent before my camera inevitably died!

After an hour at the zoo we walked back to the square & just wandered around until it was time to take our taxi back to the airport.

I had an amazing time! Although it was very short due to our time limit, I loved every minute of it! 

I am currently trying to persuade Mathieu to move there but he's a bit unsure.

I however would move in a heart beat!

Until next time,

Bedankt Amsterdam!

Rose & Muse



  1. Love these pictures I have always wanted to go to the ice bar I am a little jealous!!

  2. Lovely photos-- seems like you had a wonderful time! Your blog is gorgeous, I followed via GFC (:

    xo, Britnee
    The Model Cachet

  3. Looks like you had a great time! You look amazing!! Lovely blog:) xo, Hayley

  4. I love Amsterdam! The ice bar is nice experience, isnt it? I was in that in Barcelona, some years ago.. nice pics by the way

  5. I am smitten with your travel pics! The ice bar looks awesome ahah. I'd probably freeze though since I'm from the south of Portugal :x


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