Amsterdam Day Two

I cannot get enough of Amsterdam! There is something so pleasing about walking over the cobblestone paths, trying to dodge trams & bikes that come from nowhere. I did a lot of rambling in my last post so I'll let you just take in the dutchness... via my photo's.

We visited the sex museum! It was worth the four euros. So distasteful & kitschy it was great! I on the other hand walked around like a high school girl giggling away. 

My boyfriend wasn't too mature either...

P.s. If you are uncomfortable with nudes & such it may be a timea good idea to not scroll down...

I promise I did tone it down.

It was interesting to say the least! 

We then ventured over to the Van Gogh Museum, which after thinking it was a bit much to spend twenty five euros on a dark exhibit in the basement of a building full of prints, we then found out (when we got home) that it wasn't the actual museum. Guh. Darn the bad lighting.

I just included a few of my favourite paintings.

Until next time Vinnie!

We then visited Bodyworlds! Visit the site here! 

I was really interested in this as I first came across it in the first James Bond film, where the beautiful Daniel Craig is tracking someone down in a convention of some kind, full of people who are in a skeleton & muscle state doing everyday things. 

I thought this was going to be an exhibition of some kind but it was more of a lesson on anatomy & quite frankly scared me as it shows exactly what happens when you don't treat your body right, gulp. Let's just say I have been exercising more now that I have seen it! 

Also the best part? The bodies are real. Very real deceased people who have kindly donated their bodies to the art of Gunther Von Hagen so he could show the world the effects of life on our bodies. 

Sadly photos & bags are strictly forbidden inside :(

I came across a little love lock bridge! 

A shop full of Washi called By Popular Demand.

At night we always found ourselves gravitating towards the square where it is apparently okay to hang out & eat waffles at 2.30 am.

We decided to go get our own waffles.

Unfortunately I ate it before I could even snap it!
Rose & Muse 


  1. Ahhh your photos look so great! I love Amsterdam, it's definitely one of my favourite places <3

    Nnedi //

  2. I think eating waffles at 2:30 should be acceptable everywhere! It looks like you had a fantastic time!

  3. Looks like there's something for everyone in Amsterdam! I've never been but I would LOVE to visit the Van Gogh Museum and grab some street food after seeing your pictures. It's not even that far to travel to from England either so I've got no reason not to go. :)

  4. This is so amazing. I've only been to Amsterdam once, but i'd love to go back! Your photography is amazing, and I love how it really captures the feel of the culture!
    Lovely post as always! xo

  5. Wow incredible! I love the photo's you took. I hope to travel to Europe on they. I have never been to that side of the world yet.


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