Beauty Review: Discoveries

I thought I would share two of my new "Can't live without" products that I have recently found.

Number One:

Johnson's baby oil

I have never really used this but oh my it is divine! I love the smell! I saw a pin on Pinterest (where else?) that mentioned that shaving with johnson's baby oil leaves your skin smoother, moisturises it, & doesn't blunt the razor blades. I thought lets give this ago. I then realised the pin meant Johnson's baby oil gel as it is easier to apply, doh! But the oil still gives the same effect! I highly recommend it.

Number Two:

Baking Powder face wash

I found this through Ebay. I clicked on a link to a cute japanese make up shop on ebay where they sell kawaii make up in THE cutest packages & I then stumbled across this. I remember seeing a DIY pin (I seriously have an addiction) on Microdermabrasion which keeps skin clean, smooth, & glowing. See Pin here. I thought I would check it out  I couldn't wait to try it as I have a huge love for face scrubs & such. I find it leaves my face squeaky clean, literally, & then I moisturize my face & sleep! I would, however,
 not recommend this to anyone who suffers from acne or has cuts in there face as the baking powder may seriously burn & irritate the skin! 

But if you don't, go ahead for a nice clean face haha!

Find it here!

Anyone have any recommendations for me to try?

Rose & Muse

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