Burnt House

Just to let you know, for those who are interested (if there are any), I juggle two jobs now, those being a keyworker/roomleader in a nursery in the day,  & a baby sitter in the evenings.

This week I had to look after my ex-bosses two little rugrats & so decided to take them on a long walk around my hometown/countryside. 

We walked around the town which is so rural it is only home to a Spar (a tiny convienience store), a hairdresser, an art gallery, cafe, pub, Hotel, & restaurant. & about 300 people. Mostly elderly people. I don't know why I live here either..

Anyway, I took the two girls around the town then across the fields. 

{ The Town Hall }

 {One of the many beautiful houses set in our town }

{ This shop Bunners has been going for 122 years all run by the same family. It's a little hardware store which also sells cooking things, toys, & homeware. It looks small on the outside but its an Aladdins cave inside. I have got lost inside the first time I went in there as it has so many stairways & nooks & crannies. }

{I stumbled across this sign which made me curious as to where this house was }

{ Turns out it was just the name of the red farm house }

{ The girls found a little bridge & couldn't wait to explore the otherside...}

Only to yet another field & where my camera ran out of battery guh.

Rose & Muse


  1. You take beautiful pictures Nicole! & the girls are cute!
    I used to babysit but not anymore. I want to get back at it though

  2. These pictures are absolutely beautiful!
    Lovely post as always! xx

  3. What amazing pictures, I bet they loved being babysat by you taking them on such adventures.

  4. Beautiful photos!


  5. Wow, those photographs are so beautiful. You can feel the atmosphere of this place :) Good luck with your jobs :)
    Love Life Every Day
    everydaybeauty instagram


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