Crumble Castle

 On saturday I looked after my bosses little girl, Rocky. I asked her what we could do for the day she shouted crumble castle. Crumble castle is what the residents of the nearest local town call the ruin castle that is housed on the hills above the village.

I won't expose the name & place for privacy reasons as we live in a very rural area. 

We got into our boots as it was a bit wet & windy & got ready to rock & roll.

This is Matts vegetable garden. Rocky has been given the task of de-weeding it for him.

& off we went.

This is the view of my town. This is it. I wasn't joking when I told you it was rural...

I told rocky to watch out for dragons! She replied she wasn't scared.

Under these boards is a well but of course I told rocky it was a dungeon.

We finally decided to head back as it was starting to rain & thought it would be a good idea to try a cafe in the town.

This is the cosy little deli/cafe in the town. Everything is freshly made in the morning but it goes fast!!

Rocky got impatient waiting for her brownie.

I love our little walking trips! I'm already thinking of places to go next! 

Rose & Muse 

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