Scandinavian Love

I have recently come back from a trip to Ireland (I'll share a few pics soon!), We had a great time there, but  whilst I was in the airport I felt an ache whenever I saw the Netherlands, Sweden, or Denmark on the list of departures. I haven't been able to stop thinking about living in one of these beautiful countries. I loved Amsterdam but I think I really want to live in Stockholm one day (I think it will be awesome, like living in Ikea 24/7 ;) 

& the worst thing is that my Pinterest feed is full of Scandinavian style! So I thought I would share a few pictures that really make me want to move to an edgy, apartment in Stockholm where it's okay to eat lots of cheese & dress cool.

How amazing is the traditional fireplace?^

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My boyfriend & I have decided to do a big move next year, we have our sights set on somewhere, I won't say where just yet, just for a year then I get to pick where we can live! Can you guess where I'm choosing? ;)

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